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Monthly Soldier Counseling Example

During the month of August, you have had exceptional performance. You were late to PT once because you were not tracking the correct time but have never been late to work at the BDOC or any other times. You are an RTO, your duties include:

-Logging any pertinent information that happens in the BDGA

-Keep track of Coalition and Afghan patrols and anyone coming in and out of BAF

-Keeping an archive of any significant activities, such as IDF or or an outside the wire VBIED, and all fire missions

Your additional duties include:

-Sweeping and mopping our floor around the BDOC

-Taking out the trash

-Keeping the water bottle supply high

I have never heard the bosses behind you, telling you that you are not doing your job proficiently or correctly. I have had to remind you about mopping once or twice but it usually always gets done without anybody having to give a reminder. You are still allowed one hour to get breakfast, also to have 20 minute smoking breaks. One of your tasks outside of the BDOC includes dignified transfers and rehearsals. There will be rehearsals every Saturday morning at 0930 and actual ceremonies whenever a service member has made the ultimate sacrifice. You are quick to adapt to changes.

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