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Monthly Soldier Counseling Statement Example

PERFORMANCE: SPC XXXXX, your overall performance for the month of Febuary is excellent. You're always completing the task that is given and when you have completed the task you dont hesitate to ask for a new mission. Keep it up!

APPEARANCE: SPC XXXXX, your appearance for this month has been outstanding. You have complied with AR 670-1 without being told to. Keep it up.

COMPETENCE: SPC XXXXX, I need you to always strive to be competent in your MOS. I need to always be sure you can accomplish the task that you are given. You are in a Special Operations unit that is constantly deploying and you could deploy with a team at any given time. In my experience I've always had to step out of my comfort zone as far as my MOS. Get out there and learn other MOS' with your peers like generators and ATVS etc. As your NCOIC I will make sure you get the guidance and training you'll need prior to deployments but I need you to be competent and strive to take in as much knowledge as you can now.

LEADERSHIP: SPC XXXXX, I expect you to always execute without question and do everything possible to carry out the mission. You will be put in leadership positions to test your ability to comply with given situations. I need you to train and teach your subordinates if you see them having issues with job related problems. Your skills will be put to the test during field exercises and you'll have chances to lead physical fitness.

PHYSICAL FITTNESS: SPC XXXXX, remember there is always room for improvement with physical fitness. As an Airborne soldier you should always strive to be in top notch physical shape and be IAW AR 21-20. Special Operations standard for support is a minimum of 270 on your PT test.

SCHOOLS: SPC XXXXX, schools are a privilege and at any time requests can be denied. You are currently slotted to attend sniper school. I will help you prepare for this course and make sure you have everything you need. Just remember we dont fail out of any schools!

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