14E PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

Engagement Control Section Chief
Serves as an Engagement Controller for a Patriot Air Defense Artillery BN (ADA), organic to the 69th ADA BDE with a worldwide contingency mission in support of 32nd Air and Missile Defense Command (AAAMDC); responsible for the training, professional development, and the morale and welfare of seven Soldiers and their families; supervises and trains Engagement crewmembers in order to provide Air and Missile Defense for geopolitical assets worldwide; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one Engagement Control Station (ECS)and conventional equipment valued in excess of 2,000,000.

Fire Control Platoon Sergeant
Performed duties as a Fire Control Platoon Sergeant for a Patriot Air Defense Artillery Battery assigned to rapidly deploy and provide Air and Missile Defense and Early Warning to critical assets; responsible for the teaching, coaching and monitoring of 16 Soldiers, 3 Noncommisioned Officers and their families; responsible for the maintaining, training and certification of 3 ECS crews, 3 BCP crews, 1 EPP crew, and 1 AMG crew; responsible for the accountability and serviceability of Fire Control Equipment in excess of $110,000,000.

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