MOS 15F Aircraft Electrician Duty Descriptions

15F300 Production Control NCOIC
Assists the PC OIC maintenance manager and coordinator in the maintenance company and coordinates maintenance at the company and battalion level; serves as one of the maintenance company commander's primary maintenance advisors for all internal production and maintenance activities; coordinates all maintenance actions in the absence of the PC OIC; assists the PC OIC by coordinating and establishing priorities of work with QC, backshops, maintenance teams, technical supply, and flight companies as required.

15F Aircraft Electrician
Supervises and provides technical guidance to a section consisting of three 15F and four 15N Soldiers; evaluates, implements and manages technical training program; evaluates maintenance facilities and procedures ensuring compliance with directives, technical manuals, safety standards and standard operational procedure policies; applies production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures to helicopter maintenance operations; manages and accountable for aircraft maintenance tool kits, special tools and vehicles exceeding $200,000 in value.

15F Aircraft Electrician
Serves as an Aircraft Electrician assigned to Bravo Company, Aviation Battalion, Combat Aviation Brigade; responsible for the training, health, and welfare of 21 Soldiers; provides technical expertise in troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical and avionics systems; performs unit level maintenance on tactical communication security, navigation, identification friend or foe, and flight control equipment; schedules maintenance on test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE); supervises shop safety programs; responsible for aviation support equipment worth $2,000,200.

15F Duty Description
Diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctions in electrical and electronic components, including solid state and transistorized subsystems; repairs aircraft instrument systems; applies principles of electricity, electronics, hydrostatic motion, pneumatics and hydraulics to repair aircraft instrument systems; removes, installs, repairs, adjusts and tests electrical and electronic assemblies and components according to technical manuals, directives and safety procedures; cleans, preserves and stores electrical components and aircraft instruments; removes, repairs, services, installs, and troubleshoots nickel cadmium batteries; requisitions and maintains shop and bench stock for repair of aircraft electrical systems.

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