CMF 15, Aviation Duty Descriptions

Aviation Maintenance Officer

Performs maintenance operational checks, maintenance test flights and Maintenance Examinations on H-60M; troubleshoots H-60M systems, coordinates maintenance actions within the unit, and advises the Commander on maintenance matters; maintains a high level of tactical and technical proficiency as an Aeromedical Pilot-in-Command in an HH60M to support training and real-world missions; completes all semi-annual and Annual Proficiency and Readiness Test (APART) requirements; performs all required duties as an Aviation Maintenance Officer.

Technical Inspector (TI)

Serves as a Technical Inspector (TI) within 3-82nd General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB); provides TI support for 23 H-60L/M helicopters worth $490 million and 12 CH-47F Chinook helicopters worth $468 million; responsible for reviewing and maintaining forms and records, ensuring compliance with Safety of Flight (SOF) messages and other maintenance directives; ensures that quality maintenance is completed during all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance operations; coordinates aircraft historical records between field and sustainment level maintenance; responsive to the 82nd Airborne Division's 18-hour no-notice, world-wide contingency mission.

Aviation Support Equipment Section NCO

Serves as the Aviation Support Equipment Section NCO in an Aviation Support Company; assigned to 601st Aviation Support Battalion; responsible for the collective training, health, welfare and professional development of nine Soldiers; serves as Tool Room, Hazardous Materials, Ground Support Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment, Petroleum Oils and Lubricants, and TMDE Coordinator NCO; provides and coordinates aviation field maintenance support for the Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry Division; accountable for tools and equipment valued at over $7,700,000.

First Sergeant

First Sergeant for a Battalion Headquarters and an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Company; responsible for the health, welfare, and training of 163 Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Civilians; manages all administrative and company operations; monitors the operational readiness of facilities and air traffic control systems valued at over $10 million for two Basefields and four remote Stagefields; serves as the primary trainer for the unit and assists the Commander in developing unit policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); conducts developmental training for subordinate leaders; advises the Commander on all issues.

First Sergeant/ Senior Enlisted Advisor

Serves as the First Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Company Commander for a 15-Ship MEDEVAC Company providing superior evacuation and enroute medical care for the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade and the 82nd Infantry Division; mentors, trains and leads 109 Enlisted Soldiers and Officers including their Families; maintains currency on all advanced medical certifications; responsible for the timely processing of all administrative actions, training calendar development and input into the MEDPROS, MODS and DTMS systems; works directly with the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for all enlisted related issues.

Platoon Sergeant

Serves as a Platoon Sergeant in an AH-64D Attack Helicopter Squadron in the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); serves as advisor to the Platoon Leader for maintenance and day-to-day administration of the platoon; provides mentoring and professional development guidance to 4 NCOs and 14 Soldiers; plans work flow and manages scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to support flight schedules, direct launch, recovery and troubleshooting operations for 3 Attack Weapons Teams; responsible for the maintenance & accountability of 7 AH-64E helicopters and equipment valued at over $250 million.

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