MOS 15J OH-58D Systems Repairer Duty Descriptions

In 2014, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior was replaced by the AH-64 Apache and MOS 15J combined with MOS 15Y, AH-64 Systems Repairer.

MOS 15J40 Maintenance NCO
Maintenance NCO in an Armament, Electrical and Avionics Platoon assigned in an Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM) Troop; responsible for the health, welfare, professional development, and training of five NCOs and 15 enlisted Soldiers; supervises maintenance, troubleshoots, and repairs aircraft armament, electrical and avionics systems on 30 OH-58D(R) Kiowa Warrior helicopters; responsible for maintaining over $1,500,000 worth of tools, test equipment, vehicles, and weapon systems.

MOS 15J30 OH-58D Armament Electrical Avionics Systems Repairer
Repairs and maintains aircraft fire control systems on assigned aircraft; repairs, replaces, and performs operational and preventive checks and alignment on aircraft flight controls, stabilization systems, avionics and controlled cryptographic equipment; supervises seven member squad of subordinate armament technicians; ensures section tools and equipment are accounted for and in proper working order; prepares for and reacts to changing aircraft mission requirements; supervises the removal, installation, and reconfiguration of aircraft armament systems as needed; produces and maintains aircraft weapon firing and maintenance records.

MOS 15J10 OH-58D Systems Repairer
Serves as OH-58D Systems Repairman; troubleshoots and repairs malfunctions in OH-58D armament, electrical, and avionics systems and components; performs maintenance, modifications, and alignment on aircraft weapons components, fire control units, and sighting elements; complies with technical manuals, directives and safety procedures; performs operator maintenance on tools and aircraft ground support equipment; maintains bench stock for common repairs; stores flammable and hazardous materials safely; completes aircraft maintenance forms and records; assists with the Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP).

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