MOS 15Z, Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant Duty Descriptions

First Sergeant

15Z / 1SG
First Sergeant for a Battalion Headquarters and an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Company; responsible for the health, welfare, and training of 163 Soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Civilians; manages all administrative and company operations; monitors the operational readiness of facilities and air traffic control systems valued at over $10 million for two Basefields and four remote Stagefields; serves as the primary trainer for the unit and assists the Commander in developing unit policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); conducts developmental training for subordinate leaders; advises the Commander on all issues.

15Z / 1SG
Serves as a company First Sergeant; leads, trains, and supervises a UH-60M Assault Helicopter Company in the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade; responsible for the health, safety, morale and training of 43 Soldiers; sets and enforces high standards of conduct, training, professional development and operations IAW tactical SOPs; plans and executes a battle-focused NCOPD program; controls and synchronizes facilities, equipment, and aircraft in excess of $208 million; supervises supply discipline and maintenance protocols; assists the commander in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that support the unit's mission.

15ZM/First Sergeant
Serves as an Assault Company First Sergeant in an Assault Helicopter Battalion; responsible for the readiness, morale, training, and professional development of 45 officers, warrant officers, NCOs, enlisted Soldiers and their families; executes and supervises routine administrative operations in a timely manner; enforces the tactical SOP; plans and coordinates training; accounts for all personnel and equipment; supervises vehicle and aircraft maintenance, communications, and field hygiene operations; advises and assists the commander in planning, rehearsing, and supervising key logistical actions; assists and coordinates with support operations; conducts training and ensures proficiency in individual, NCO, small-unit collective skills that support the company's Mission Essential Task List.

15Z First Sergeant
Executes and supervises routine operations; enforces the tactical SOP; plans and coordinates training; coordinates and reports personnel and administrative actions; ensures timely NCOER submissions; supervises supply, maintenance, communications and field hygiene operations; assists in planning, rehearsing, and supervising key logistical actions; assists and coordinates with support operations in all critical functions; serves as the transformation NCOIC; conducts training and ensures proficiency in individual and NCO skills and small-unit collective skills that support the company's mission essential task list (METL).

15Z First Sergeant
First Sergeant of an Air Traffic Services (ATS) company consisting of 45 Warrant Officers, NCOs and enlisted Troopers; advise the commander on all matters relating to enlisted Soldiers; oversees unit daily operations and administrative duties; responsible for unit discipline and standards enforcement; develops and mentors Noncommissioned Officers within the unit; responsible for training, professional development, personal accountability, safety, medical readiness, morale and mentoring of all assigned Soldiers; responsible for the operational readiness and maintenance of over $15 million worth of tactical facilities and equipment.


Support Operations SGM
Serves as the 1st Air Cavalry Brigades (ACB) Support Operations SGM; provides sustainment for over 6,000 ground vehicles and equipment, and 155 rotary wing aircraft; plans, coordinates, synchronizes and manages sustainment support for the ACB, including fuel, ammunition, transportation, mortuary affairs, Sustainment Support Management Office (SASMO), air and ground maintenance management; responsible for the leadership, mentorship and training of 24 Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs and Soldiers.

Operations Sergeant
Serves as the Battalion Aviation Operations Sergeant for the largest Air Traffic Control (ATC) Battalion in the Army with 22 ATC facilities and over 334 Soldiers and Civilians; advises the Command Sergeant Major and S2/S3 Officer on all matters; responsible for the planning and execution of the Battalion's training, taskings, schools/TDY programs and Air Traffic Service (ATS) operations; establishes long and short term calendars; conducts periodic inspections of subordinate units; prepares Battalion training reports, operation orders and briefings; initiates and tracks NCO Education System and other service school packets; responsible for over $250,000 worth of property.

ASB Production Control NCOIC
Serves as the Production Control NCOIC for an Aviation Support Company (ASC) assigned to the 601st Aviation Support Battalion; provides field and select sustainment maintenance to the Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), 1st Infantry Division; manages and directs with sister units for phase support of 110 aircraft: supervises priorities of work for 325 Soldiers across 14 shops: responsible for the health, welfare and professional growth of three NCOs and seven Soldiers: accountable for facilities, tools and equipment valued in excess of $34 million.

Senior Enlisted for an Attack Reconnaissance Company
Serves as the Senior Enlisted for an Attack Reconnaissance Company; responsible for setting and maintaining high standards of discipline, appearance and conduct of Soldiers; executes and supervises routine operations, personnel reporting, coordinating and administrative actions; ensures timely NCOER submissions; supervises supply, maintenance and equipment accountability; oversees aircraft maintenance and utilization; assists in planning, coordinating and supervising training; ensures NCOs maintain a high level of technical and tactical proficiency as well as fitness and resiliency to support the company's METL; responsible for coaching, teaching, and mentoring all NCOs in the company; advises the commander on all company enlisted matters; ensures personnel are managed properly.

Senior Enlisted Advisor
Serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the ______ Aviation Support Battalion (ASB), ___ Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); provides advice and counsel to the commander regarding potential situations, procedures, and practices affecting the health, welfare, morale, training, and conduct of over 500 Soldiers; provides oversight of combat service support operations and synchronizes the execution of aviation and ground maintenance operations; manages logistical requirements in support of the CAB's 1,500 personnel, 38 aircraft, and over 100 wheeled vehicles and associated ground support equipment sets; monitors and enforces standards of discipline within the unit.

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