Cyber Operations Specialist Duty Descriptions

17C Cyber Defense Analyst
Performs Network Terrain Audits, when necessary performs Penetration Testing; detects and reacts to anomalous threat activity and Cyberspace events; conducts Incident Response activities and collects Basic digital forensic data; interprets and understands the rules of engagement for Cyberspace operations while integrating intelligence data into Cyberspace operations.

Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC
Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC; ensures CPT readiness to counter threats to the DoD Information Networks (DoDIN) by administration, planning, skill certifications, and supervision; advises leadership on overall mission readiness, pre-deployment cyber qualification training, individual and collective training, and deployment support of missions in CONUS and in 335th Signal Command theater of operation; coordinates with US Cyber Command, ARCYBER, ARCOG, and federal agencies including NSA; responsible for the professional development, combat readiness, and health and welfare of 39 Soldiers.

Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC
Serves as the team NCOIC for XXX CPT; supports 39 members in all Soldier readiness requirements in severely constrained or decentralized mission environments; delivers solutions to leadership to meet mission and training requirements; supports Total Army Forces Objectives to identify specific threat vulnerabilities, coordinate capabilities, and conduct deliberate planning in order to defend the nation from foreign cyber threats; synchronizes and coordinates with US Cyber Command, ARCYBER, NGB, and federal agencies.

Cyber Operations Specialist
Serves as Cyber Operations Specialist; troubleshoots and resolves network hardware and software anomalies; administers Remedy/SCCM/HBSS servers; coordinates and reconciles application/ configuration/ performance management with DISA; tracks and implements TCNOs and MTOs; enables and provides tier-2 comm support for 5,000 network users; maintains primary installation data center; supports 11 tenant units and two detachments.

Cyber Operations NCO
Serves as Cyber Operations NCO; designs, configures, installs and manages data services at OS and server application level; ensures installation of security fixes, operating system patches, antivirus software on workstations and servers; reviews, endorses, and maintains information security accreditation and/or certification documentation packages; manages SCI programs and requirements as required by Intelligence Community Directives; supervises three NCOs and six Soldiers.

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