MOS 17C, Cyber Operations NCOER Bullets

Cyber Operations Specialist

o helped integrate three new Watch Officers into the Orion Ops floor mission; fortified the DISA-ARE CSD 4 watch officer team

o assisted in the creation of a CSD 4 Watch Officer continuity book; guaranteed the continued success of this critical DISA mission

o expanded the Watch Officer mission into the Cyber Security Watch Officer and Joint Regional Security Stack cells; reduced overlapping missions

o advised leadership on a wide range of IT practices; facilitated the adoption of alternative approaches for complex application systems

o resolved critical problems related to database management systems within the organization; resulted in the accreditation of 12 DISA circuits

o updated circuit cards; ensured ability of JSOC's Special Operations Forces to effectively communicate in a degraded environment

o played a vital role in the success of the NETOPS mission

o demonstrated exceptional resourcefulness which was vital to the sucess of the Cyber Forward exercise

o continuously monitored JSOC's communications within and outside the organization; validated capabilities and earned accreditation

Picture of Server

o certified and accredited JSOC's three critical C2 networks which support over 2,000 applications; restored critical operational capabilities

o satisfied a finding from the 2014 USSOCOM Inspector General inspection; sustained communications

o exceeded standards during participation in first Digital Forensics Challenge

o provided technical oversight and guidance to establish an Information System Security Officer program

o established an ISSO program that produced 55 fully qualified and capable Cyber Security professionals

o administered and implemented communication, infrastructure, and mission critical solutions supporting combat missions; aided in the success of Kodiak Cyber Operations Team (KCOT)

o ran patches for CPU systems enabling the G6 section to increase the number of patches run; reduced downtime to under 0.5% and achieved a readiness rate of over 99.5%

o troubleshot and isolated join attempts to anonymous proxy server in Spain; ensured the continuous and secure operabilty of the U.S. Southern Command telephone network

o responded quickly and appropriately to cybersecurity related issues; gained sterling reputation within the Command as an effective force

o configured and upgraded over 100 General Dynamic Sectera vIPer secure phones

o supported Special Operations Command and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

o pushed security changes at the highest level; improved warfare intelligence and cyber security

o installed 26 work stations and 7 VOIP phones; expanded communications to critical assets down range

o conducted the legwork to establish a new COMSEC account

o instructed personnel to securely communicate worldwide

o participated in the inital setup of JSOC's Cybersecurity ability; securely integrated a broad range of disparate technologies

o briefed joint attendees during Live Environment Training for ARCYBER at Fort Belvoir

DoD consultant

o participated in the inital setup of JSOC's Cybersecurity ability; securely integrated a broad range of disparate technologies

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