MOS 21A Engineer Officer Duty Descriptions

Battalion Commander
Serves under dual supervision; leads 411+ Soldiers of the Brigade Engineer Battalion; commands and controls the operational, tactical, and technical functions of the Battalion and supports the Director of Domestic Operations (J3) to exercise the authority and responsibility for plans, exercise, and training of WING in support to Civil Authorities; ensures Battalion Staff and subordinate officers remain trained, proficient, and competent in all skills necessary to perform assigned duties; assists the organization in the retention and recruiting of quality Soldiers and future leaders; performs duties as the Engineer Battalion Commander in support of the BCT/Division Commanders goals and provides the Brigade Combat Team with Combat and General Engineer Support as the Senior BDE Engineer Officer; performs duties in support of federal and state missions, as assigned.

Operations Officer
Serves as the Operations Officer for a Brigade Engineer Battalion supporting an Infantry Brigade Combat Team assigned to USINDOPACOM consisting of two engineer companies, a signal company, a military intelligence company, a forward support company, and headquarters company; assists with administrative and training oversight for the brigade's headquarters company; responsible for training and planning for tactical employment of the BEB in any possible operational environment; prepares detailed plans which support the BN and BDE Commanders' intent and the CO Commanders' ability to understand and execute effectively; determines training needs of the BN and prepares and supervises training to support those needs.

Brigade Chief of Operations
Brigade Chief of Operations responsible for current operations and battle tracking for a 4000+ Soldier Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, consisting of seven battalions and a Headquarters and Headquarters Company; coordinates across all brigade staff sections so they can complete multiple missions and monitor multiple operations simultaneously; provides an updated common operational picture for the Brigade on the status of current training requirements and timelines; determines training needs for Brigade staff and subordinate units; reviews policies and standards for unit readiness.

Task Force Engineer
Serves as the Task Force Engineer of a combined-arms Battalion consisting of two armor Companies, one mechanized Company, one headquarters Company, and one Forward Support Company; provides the Battalion Commander and his subordinate Commanders with subject matter expertise in the fields of mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability; responsible for incorporating the engineer scheme of support into the Battalion's military decision making process (MDMP) as part of the 'Protection' war-fighting function; acts as a liaison between the battalion operations section and enabler units to foster shared understanding of capabilities available to ensure mission success; provides additional support to the Battalion operations section as an assistant planner.

Platoon Leader
Serves as a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader in a Modular Engineer (Sapper) Company with a world-wide contingency mission in support of III Corps and FORSCOM; provides supervision, leadership, and inspiration to 13 Soldiers and six NCOs, ensuring individual and collective proficiency in all battle tasks and drills; responsible for the development, welfare, training, discipline, and safety of assigned Soldiers; responsible for the accountability, maintenance, and readiness of nine tactical vehicles and trailers along with associated sets, kits, and outfits valued at over $18 million; advises maneuver commanders on engineer capabilities and utilization to ensure the effective integration of engineers into the combined arms team.

Plans Officer MAJ
Serves as an Engineer Plans and Operations Officer for the Transatlantic Division, United States Army Corps of Engineers with potential contingency districts located throughout the CENTCOM AOR; overall responsibilities will include but not limited to executing current and future operations, conducting mission analysis, planning, and overall mission support to CENTCOM; maintains a deep working knowledge of USACE engineer capabilities, facilities and requirements to increase support to combat forces; reinforces and enhances CENTCOM's staff understanding of USACE engineer capabilities and accomplishments.

21A Battalion Plans Officer
Assistant Battalion Plans Officer for a forward stationed Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB) located in Grafenwoehr, Germany consisting of six Troops and over 500 Troopers; responsible for planning and producing Squadron orders, developing battalion long range plans, coordination with adjacent Battalion and Brigade staffs, and synchronizing BEB staff efforts for Brigade Engineer, Signal and Intelligence efforts; serves as the alternate Battalion Additional Duty Safety Officer responsible for tracking, reporting, and advising on all accidents within the Squadron.

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