MOS 21A, Engineer Officer OER Bullets

o planned and supervised the laying of CMU block, sidewalk forms, installing base course, and pouring concrete at the Hattiesville site; recognized by TF Commander

o completed 13 abutting iterations; vital to the certification of multiple teams and developing effective team leaders during live-fire exercises

o led the battalion during an ARTEP, CPX, and an eleven month construction project; outstanding management skills sustained mission accomplishment of a diverse company

o taught TLP and Demolition to UAF Sapper team leader in a class environment; helped facilitate leadership ability to delegate and accomplish the mission

o balanced responsibilities as Commander, CESO, and Dining Facility Supervisor; optimized limited resources resulting in maximum readiness for the unit

o deployed to Afghanistan to ensure troops were equipped to complete the CENTCOM Materials Recovery Element mission; identified and overcame shortfalls and prevented mission delay

o managed and maintained 100% accountability of $1,000,000 worth of company Construction equipment; provided unscheduled support to less prepared sister elements

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