MOS 21K Plumber Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Plumber MOS changed from 12K to 21K. In 2009, the MOS changed again, from 21K to 12K.

Plumber/Pipefitter Sergeant
Serves as a Plumber/Pipefitter Sergeant in a Vertical Construction Company; responsible for supervision, training, welfare and morale of 6 soldiers and a team consisting of Carpenters, Plumbers, and Electricians; responsible for the maintenance, accountability, and safe operation of one HMMWV, one M929 5-ton, two 2KW generators, one three KW generator and various sets, kits and outfits valued at over $230,000.00.

21K Plumber
Installs and repairs pipe systems, plumbing fixtures, and equipment; reads and interprets drawings, plans, and specifications; connects pipe sections using appropriate valves, couplings, reducers and other fittings by threading, bolting, and soldering; reads and interprets drawings, plans, and specifications to determine layout and identify types and quantities of materials required; conducts inspection of plumbing facilities and ensures employment of safety protocols.

Plumbing Supervisor
Directs and prioritizes improvement projects and maintenance of facilities; installs and maintains pipe systems, plumbing fixtures, boiler controls, water purification and distillation systems, heating systems, water supply, and water distribution systems; maintains pipe systems for wastewater; performs plumbing repair and maintenance; maintains plumbing fixtures, pipes, stacks, brackets, traps, vents, and insulation; documents and reads construction plans and drawings.

Plumbing NCOIC
Supervises 9 Soldiers in performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance; supervises upgrade projects; prepares section for field operations; maintains potable water systems; installs heaters, pipe, fixtures, and fittings; maintains and rebuilds pump stations; installs and maintains cadillac pumps and pressure switches; maintains water separation and raw sewage disposal; inspects and maintains cross-connections.

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