MOS 25M Multimedia Illustrator Duty Descriptions

MOS 25M has been converted to MOS 25V, Combat Documentation Production Specialist

Responsible for the health, welfare and training of the Product Development Team's illustrators in support of (INSERT SPECIFIC OPERATION); supervises personnel in planning operational workloads for creating, manipulating and integrating visual information products in support of both conventional and special operations missions; provides assistance to the PSYOP development process by providing graphics and illustrations for products; assists during the development process on product layouts and production with organic assets; maintains serviceability of all production equipment; responsible for managing workflow for product translation requirements.

25M Multimedia Illustrator
Supervises, plans, or operates manual, mechanical and electronic multimedia imaging equipment to integrate armament delivery recordings and various visual information products to report combat and non-combat Army, Joint and Combined operations; creates illustrations, layouts, map overlays, posters, graphs, charts and internet web pages in support of battlefield operations, psychological operations, military intelligence, medical, public affairs and training functions; performs unit level maintenance on assigned equipment and PMCS on assigned vehicles and generators.

2 Level

Directs the manipulation and enhancement of images; determines media, style, design and technical requirements for subordinates to create, sequence and develop visual information presentation products; determines and develops sequence and manner of presentation of products.

3 Level

Supervises personnel and plans operational workload and priority for creating, manipulating and integrating visual information products.

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