MOS 25N Nodal Network System Operator Maintainer
Duty Descriptions

MOS 25N was converted to MOS 25H, Network Communication Systems Specialist

25N Single Shelter Switch Team Chief
Manages a five-man Networking team; leads team in maintaining and operating a node worth $500,000.00. This node is meant to support a brigade sized element.

25N Senior Nodal Network Operator-Maintainer
Senior Nodal Network Operator-Maintainer for a rapidly deployable Cavalry Signal Intelligence & Sustainment Company in support of 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters; responsible for providing continuous, reliable communications for the Division Tactical Command Post; ensures the installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of two Tactical Communication Nodes (TCN), four generators valued in excess of 4 million dollars; responsible for the health, welfare, morale, and training of 5 Soldiers.

Technical Advisor and Assistant Team Chief
Serves as technical advisor and assistant team chief for the installation, operation, employment, and field level maintenance of electronic IP-based nodal assemblages and associated equipment; performs and assists subordinate operators in nodal and COMSEC operations, associated computer and software related technical tasks; interprets orders and compiles system statistics for the shift and node; assists in reconfiguration of IP-based nodal systems equipment as needed; implements Network Operations Center generated changes to support operational requirements; responsible for a team of 6 Soldiers and over $1,000,000 worth of equipment.

Nodal Network Operator Maintainer
Supervises, installs, configures, and operates Nodal networks in garrison and in the field; performs field level maintenance on IP-based electronic nodal systems, network control centers, network management facilities, and associated multiplexing and subscriber interface equipment; programs and troubleshoots associated encryption and Communications Security (COMSEC) devices; performs network management functions in support of maintaining, troubleshooting and reconfiguring nodal assets as needed in support of operational requirements; maintains over $30,000 in bench stock and spare parts.

Team Chief
Maintains all LAN/WAN/VPN network hardware and software, security systems and communication links; manages all clients network LAN/WAN hardware including routers, switches, load balancers and wireless networking equipment; supervises and performs nodal operations functions; supervises the installation, operation,deployment, provisioning, and maintenance of WIN-T nodal assemblages, combat net radios and all related COMSEC devices; disseminates network orders, compiles and submits operational statistics reports and processes requests for logistic support.

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