MOS 35S, Signals Collection Analyst Duty Descriptions

Signals Collection Analyst Team Leader
Serves as a Signals Collection Analyst for a Multi Domain Military Intelligence Company (MD MICO); responsible for integration, planning, training, coordination, and delivery of offensive and defensive cyber, electronic warfare, and space effects in the Pacific Theater; scans the electromagnetic spectrum using hardware and software for both strategic and tactical assignments; monitors radio frequency (RF) and digital networks to locate the enemy; produces tactical and strategic intelligence reports; instructs subordinates in training and leader development; responsible for the welfare, fitness, morale and discipline of five Soldiers.

Signals Collection Analyst NCOIC
Serves as Signals Collection Analyst NCOIC for the 123rd Military Intelligence Company; supervises signal collection and analysis activities; coordinates interaction with other data collection and processing activities; allocates collection and analysis resources to support mission requirements; establishes operational sites; monitors radio frequencies and electronic signals to detect and collect foreign intelligence; performs signals analysis for identification and processing; maintains logs of transmissions and correlates activity; responsible for the accountability, health, training, welfare and morale of three Soldiers.

Signals Collection Analyst
Serves as Signals Collection Analyst for the 3100th Strategic Intelligence Group; operates signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment and prepares logs and technical reports; scans the radio frequency (RF) spectrum; intercepts and identifies active frequencies; identifies, collects and processes analog and digital signals; tests new prototype intelligence equipment; identifies and reports items of intelligence interest; performs signals analysis to determine appropriate follow-on processing; operates communications equipment for reporting and coordination; maintains databases in support of analysis and collection operations.

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