MOS 35S Signals Collection Analyst NCOER Bullets

o organized a North Korea working group that prioritized tradecraft and collection capability; improved focus on tactical indications and warnings

o oversaw operations of a cross functional team of analysts focused on the North Korea area and published a white paper on a million-man army

o operated at the section level as a Collection Manager and took the lead over three teams, each having different missions sets

o provided unwavering support and dedication to the TSB IP analytical mission; laid the foundation for all platform operations

o produced multiple significant analytical products; increased readiness and poised supported units for success

o authored and contributed to numerous standard operating procedures; provided innovative solutions that will have a lasting impact on the TSP IP mission

o cross-trained with the 92Y section; preparation produced unmatched equipment readiness

o provided influential and motivating leadership to team members in team leader's absence

o displayed high level of professionalism, diplomacy, and tact, a prime example of the total soldier concept

o analyzed over 1,200 hours of recorded intel; ensured success of Beyond the Horizon 2015 in El Salvador

o assembled and presented a briefing on the capabilities of a Low Level Voice Intercept team and their equipment

o demonstrated superior communication skills and integrated well with HHD staff section and Alpha Company

o provided hands-on training on the proper use of the Wolfhound and PRD-13 Signals Intelligence Systems

o trained team on Mode-1 Ground Signal Terminal Guidance Operations

o improved and extended the Mode-1 curriculum; qualified 40 Soldiers and civilian personnel

o leadership aided immesurably during Low Level Voice Intercept mission in classified locations

o managed tactical intelligence training exercise which included imagery and signals intelligence for 28 soldiers

o identified intel shortfalls during training exercise and developed countermeasures

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