MOS 46S Mass Communications Specialist
Duty Descriptions

MOS 46Q and MOS 46R were combined and are now MOS 46S, Public Affairs Mass Communications Specialist

46S3O Public Affairs Mass Communications NCO
Responsible for the research, preparation and dissemination of news releases, articles, web-based material and photographs on Army personnel and activities; gathers information for military news programs and publications within unit and around the Army; develops ideas for news articles; arranges and conducts interviews; collects information for commercial media use; writes news releases, feature articles and editorials; conducts media training; works as an escort or liaison to civilian media; supervises junior enlisted during daily activities; reports to PA MASS COMMS OPS NCOIC.

Public Affairs Broadcast Sergeant
Serves as a Public Affairs Broadcast Sergeant for one of four Mobile Public Affairs Detachments in the Army; responsible for broadcast production and submission to include production of The Field Report and other command information videos assigned to the broadcast team; provides media awareness training to Army units across the installation; escorts external news media representatives; performs and oversees maintenance and care of organic tactical equipment, digital video broadcast equipment and computer systems worth more than $50,000.

Broadcast NCO
Serves as Broadcast NCO for American Forces Network Vicenza; responsible for planning and production of radio, TV and web products to an audience of over 10,000 military and DoD civilians in Italy and 350,000 in Europe; responsible for monitoring tracking system for more that $5,000,000 worth of broadcast equipment; provides technical and tactical expertise to the Station Manager and Operations Manager on broadcast production and protocol.

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