MOS 46S Mass Communications Specialist

MOS 46Q, Public Affairs Specialist, and MOS 46R, Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist, were combined to form MOS 46S


o well-known in the community for his charismatic radio personality; maintained the highest level of professionalism in all interactions up and down the chain

Public Affairs SGT

o coordinated 15 media engagements while deployed; ensured coverage supported USASOC communication objectives

o reorganized and prepared and brought the 318th Press Camp Headquarter's physical security up to standards

o assisted the 318th PCH in passing its physical security inspection

o developed and disseminated 1100 information products supporting the Brigade's Operation Eagle Campaign and the 2014 Afghanistan National Elections

o improved and expanded the existing social media program

o participated in exercise Silver Scimitar and successfully provided essential public affairs print media support to U.S. Forces Command

o maintained the Admiral's schedule and speaking engagements at three Navy Public Affairs Symposiums

o was instrumental in creating the RAF tri-fold brochure, developed for distribution to the AUSA attendees, by the Commanding General of FORSCOM

o produced a thorough and self-contained info product that educated both the public and the forces on the emerging Department of the Army RAF concept

o coordinated and created agendas, position papers and assisted the General in representing Reserve Public Affairs at three Public Affairs Leadership Meetings

o contributed to over 100 published photos, 20 news releases and 4 media engagements, enhancing command information and media relations

PA Broadcast SGT

o extremely confident NCO in both technical and tactical abilities

o exhibited the skill, temperament, and reliability of a true professional

o sacrificed countless hours of personal time mentoring subordinates, peers, and superiors in broadcast operations, equipment operation and maintenance

o sponsored junior enlisted Soldier in the Battalion Best Warrior Competition

o fostered an environment of fair treatment, awareness and resiliency in the unit by fully supporting and participating in the Army SHARP and MRT programs

o built 25% of the Broadcast Team SOP, ensuring efficient operation of the Broadcast Section in any mission

o infinite potential for increased responsibility, would best serve as a Broadcast SSG

o an excellent NCO who demonstrated how all Soldiers should act through motivating and challenging others, both peers and subordinates, while instilling confidence

o proved his devotion to the state and his unit when he forgoed personal time to ensure not only mission success but exceed expectations

o provided effective visual information products for the command; played key role in Department of the Army Level Competition

o developed timely and professional video products during OIF deployment; preserved unit's accomplishments and legacy

Broadcast Sergeant


o provided key video assistance to DA's senior broadcaster; resulted in seven news stories seen by national audience of over 20 million

o single-handedly produced two high visability video products for use at national level events with outstanding results

o conducted 450 ceremonial announcing missions in the last 12 months

o wrote and produced 50 print, radio and television stories on the activities of soldiers assigned to Combined Team Uruzgan for internal and external release; established social media accounts for CTU to allow families to read and view stores online

o wrote five different public affairs guidance packages that were used by senior leadership in the United States and Australia

o deployed the Fly Away Broadcast System (FABS) in support of the Army Warfighter Assesment; demonstrated mobile capabilities

o set up the Production Distribution System-Light (PDS-L) during the Army Warfighter Assesment; exponentially expanded the 306th Psychological Operations Company capability

Physical Fitness & Military Bearing

o outstanding military appearance; maintained the bearing of a senior NCO

o demonstrated physical fitness on multiple combat missions, carrying more than 25 pounds of broadcast gear in addition to a full combat load


o coordinated, rehearsed and supervised ten flawless live television shots viewed by over two million viewers

o awarded the Bronze Star by the Regimental Commander for exceptional leadership as a Public Affairs Chief during Operation Enduring Freedom 10-11

o supervised over 700 public affairs missions in the National Capitol Region

o Platoon Sergeant of a PAO section 3 times larger than a typical BCT PAO section

o led 11 soldiers in three different military occupation skills as a staff sergeant


o trained the acting PAO after the no-notice deployment of the Regimental Public Affairs Officer

Responsibility & Accountability:

o successfully located and acquired necessary equipment to outfit a BCT public affairs office according to MTOE; unit had no equipment to complete PAO mission prior to his arrival

o responsible for the readiness and accountability of twice as many soldiers in his current assignment as he would has a SFC in a BCT PAO section

o upgraded the Regiment's A/V capabilities by securing $75,000 worth of equipment from the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee at no cost to the unit

Public Affairs Broadcast NCO

o set the example for subordinates and peers to emulate through his experience, professionalism, work ethic, and drive for excellence

o demonstrated high personal standards that carried over to his exemplary performance as an NCO

o maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of individual designated equipment, valued at over $20,000

o led the Broadcast Team in 100% inventory of Broadcast Team MTOE equipment

o shared technical and institutional knowledge with three new broadcasters to better transition them from TRADOC to local operating methods

o built seventy-five percent of the Broadcast Team SOP, ensuring efficient operation of the Broadcast Section in any mission

o promoted unit cohesion and physical fitness by preparing, coordinating, and leading an ultimate Frisbee session; incorporating PRT preparatory and recovery drills

o mentored four Soldiers, to include his NCOIC, in the production of the high visibility year-in-review video

o supervised a new Soldier in the production of her first video assignment, resulting in a completed news product that met unit standards

o handled situations firmly and fairly, established a workplace climate that fostered dignity and respect for all members of the group in accordance with SHARP

o his technical proficiency was continually sought after by subordinates and superiors; incorporated his former mission experience to improve unit operations

o used all available resources to accomplish the mission assigned; accomplished every mission to standard

Media Relations NCO

o served as Public Affairs Broadcast Journalist; significantly impacted the mission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

o mentored junior Soldiers on CJCSI classification guides to increase their product quality and applicability

o facilitated and conducted OPSEC pre-briefs and imagery reviews during three media visits with ties to 7 international media outlets

o earned 2nd place in the 2011 FORSCOM Keith L. Ware competition for Broadcast News Story

o produced 11 print stories that were released to various news outlets across Fort Bragg, NC, while assigned to 10th Press Camp Headquarters

o worked outside of his MOS on numerous occasions when not needed for primary duties, cross-trained and qualified in security

o contributed to the steady improvement of productivity and capability of the Brigade's Inform and Dissemination operations

o developed and taught an audio/visual course as part of training for the Afghan National Army's 2-215 BDE Public Affairs Office

o documented the Silver Scimitar exercise and produced a news feature that was released to multiple outlets

o increased the number of Key Leader Engagements between 2nd Brigade leadership and the Northern Helmand population by 30% and by extension, the number of shuras and the reporting of insurgent activities by local nationals

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