MOS 68H Optical Laboratory Specialist Duty Descriptions

Optical Laboratory Specialist
Served as the NCOIC of Vision Readiness for a tri-service multi-vision Optical Fabrication Laboratory (OFL) that supports TRADOC's largest training installation and 60 subordinate optical clinics in the Southern Region Medical Command; directly managed four military, eight DOD civilians and ten contract employees in the annual production of over 170,000 pairs of prescription spectacles; responsible for all OFL equipment and supplies valued over $1,500,000; managed all daily optical lab single and multi-vision production operations.

Optical Laboratory Specialist
Responsible for the overall production of a multi-vision optical laboratory; supervises a multinational workforce of two military, 15 local national employees and one Department of the Army Civilian; responsible for the production and quality assurance of 6,063 pairs of prescription eyewear monthly; responsible for the maintenance and operation of over $700,000 of optical equipment and supplies; responsible for section training, supply conservation and daily personnel actions; responsible for the accountability and counseling for two junior enlisted Soldiers

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