MOS 68H Optical Laboratory Specialist

Soldier grinding a lens

o ensured supplies and equipment were tracked and delivered to provide optical care; improved TF Med-East medical capabilities

o continuously and expertly monitored the List of Travesties (LOT)

o always maintained composure and resisted running out of the Laboratory screaming and pulling his hair out

o ensured mannequens were in place to present the facade to the Command that we have adequate staffing and that no new personnel were required, thus saving $8.95 for FY14

o spearheaded the relocation and modernization of the largest OCONUS Optical laboratory, increased department productivity 50% during transition

o her efforts and organizational skills were a key factor in the success of the 2012 AMEDD Ball

o managed a medical supply inventory worth $300,000 and developed and maintained a tracker for 90 reagent items, recapturing 50 percent of the laboratory's budget

o ran lab functions on night shift with little to no supervision

o trained and certified peers on using equipment efficiently

o provided seamless medical support to two Opticians and raised lab productivity by 30 percent

o led care for more than 300 coalition force members which contributed to the Unit Commendation, a first for U.S. medics

o played a major role in the Med Group being named 2014 USAFE Medical Treatment Facility of the Year

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