MOS 79S Career Counselor Duty Descriptions

Battalion Career Counselor
Serves as the Battalion Career Counselor for an Expeditionary Signal Battalion; provides service to four companies consisting of 491 Soldiers; reenlists, extends, and counsels Soldiers on Active Duty and Reserve career opportunities; advises the Battalion Commander, Command Sergeant Major, and company command teams on all aspects of the Army Retention Program; provides supervision, training, and guidance to four company Retention NCOs; liaisons with local personnel and finance offices to facilitate Army retention incentives; prepares and maintains statistics and reenlistment residual files on all enlisted Soldiers; manages an RPI budget in excess of $20,000.

79S Career Counselor
Assists commanders with sustaining readiness and achieving the retention mission; briefs leaders and Soldiers on matters related to retention and reclassification actions; interprets regulations and provides guidance and career counseling to Soldiers; assesses Soldiers' eligibility to reenlist or extend; counsels Soldiers on enlistment options and bonuses; reenlists, extends or transitions qualified Soldiers; prepares and reviews reenlistment and extension documents for accuracy; processes reclassification actions and bars to reenlistment; conducts staff assistance visits and retention interviews; manages a retention program budget of $33,000.

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