MOS 79S, Career Counselor NCOER Bullets

o developed and improved the reenlistment skill set of the BN; streamlined the retention process

o maintained the lowest Soldier loss rate in the battalion over a 24 month period

o educated members on cross-training and other opportunities

o revised and revived the Sponsorship program resulting in a 20% increase in retention rates

o interviewed all Soldiers twice a year to track morale and future plans

o dynamic interview and education technique increased retention by 20%

o motivated Soldiers with mentorship and encouragement; resulted in four accelerated promotions

o relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in 134% retention mission success by the 3rd Qtr of FY 09

o assisted Team 14 recruitment in sustaining and enlisting personnel into the Texas Army National Guard

o committed to making BN one of the top units in **** Division; increased BN's qualification and manning

o mentored over 100 new recruits and ensured they got the support they needed to thrive in their duty positions

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