MOS 92Z Senior Logistician Duty Descriptions

92Z50 BDE Operations Sergeant
Serves as the Brigade Operations Sergeant (BDE S3) for Division Sustainment Brigade, consisting of a Division Special Troops Battalion, and Division Sustainment Support Battalion (DSSB) of nearly 2,000 Soldiers; serves as the principle staff NCO for the for the movement and maneuver warfighting function, with responsibilities aligned to training, operations and plans, force development, and modernization; serves as NCOIC for Brigade TOC and TAC operations in tactical environment; integrates and synchronizes all warfighting functions across the planning horizons; responsible for the welfare, accountability and development of nine NCOs and mentorship of five CPTs; responsible for the readiness of three vehicles and three trailers and other various equipment valued at $1 Million dollars.

Supply Sergeant
Serves as Supply Sergeant for the 335th Signal Command; ensures all equipment and property book items totaling in excess of $3 million is accounted for properly; maintains and enforces a comprehensive Supply Discipline Program for the organization; tracks requests, receipt, issue and responsibility of supplies and equipment; supports the Troop Program Unit (TPU) Soldiers through the Army Direct Ordering (ADO) program; requisitions and issues uniform items to a dispersed Soldier population.

Deputy Director, Joint Logistics Directorate
Serves as the Deputy Director of a Joint Logistics Directorate; oversees day-to-day management of logistical support to a Joint Task Force conducting operations in an extremely stressed environment; assesses and sources daily operational needs, strategic mobility functions, transportation, fuel supply operations, and property book management for 2200 joint military and civilian personnel; provides primary hand receipt validation and verification, housing operations, and general supply support.

Supply Sergeant
Supply Sergeant of a Headquarters Support Company for 387 Soldiers and DA Civilians; supervises and reviews all actions related to supply requests, receipt, storage, issue, accountability and preservation of organizational and installation equipment; maintains automated supply system; maintains administrative supply and documents; enforces supply discipline; manages over $30 million worth of property; supervises and supports the professional development of 11 Soldiers.

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