Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
Duty Descriptions

Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
Provides comprehensive technical support to the Air Traffic Control facility; maintains and sets up the AN/TSQ-198A Tactical Terminal Control System (TTCS) when mobilized; performs field and sustainment-level maintenance of all Air Traffic Control equipment, including communications, navigation aids, and landing systems; tests radar scopes, intercoms, navigational controls, and COMSEC equipment; maintains HF, VHF, UHF, and satellite radio communications; responsible for the training and welfare of three Soldiers.

a. Major duties. The ATC equipment repairer performs or supervises field level maintenance and installation of ATC communication systems, navigational aid systems (NAVAIDS), and landing systems. Duties for MOS 94D at each skill level are:

(1) MOSC 94D1O. Uses Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE), Test Program Sets (TPS), and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) to determine the cause and location of malfunctions, extent of faults, and level of maintenance required; inspects and tests equipment for faults, operability, and completeness; troubleshoots to determine location and extent of equipment faults; repairs equipment by adjusting, aligning, repairing, or replacing defective components; tests equipment to ensure compliance with technical specifications; transfers equipment and components to higher level repair activities based on the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC); completes appropriate maintenance forms and records; records and logs maintenance in accordance with The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) requirements; prepares ATC equipment for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight inspections; maintains authorized spare parts, supply stock, tool lists, technical manuals, and instructional material; performs scheduled preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on ATC equipment, vehicles, and power generators.

(2) MOSC 94D2O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level; supervises and leads teams of ATC equipment repairers; provides technical assistance to both subordinates and supported users; supervises the operation and proper use of TMDE; schedules and performs user maintenance on TMDE, tools, and special test equipment; performs final and quality control inspections of repaired equipment and maintenance documents; provides shop supervisor with equipment repair status, priorities, and necessity for bench stock resupply; maintains maintenance facility technical library.

(3) MOSC 94D3O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level; supervises and leads sections of ATC equipment repairers; establishes work load, work schedules, and repair priorities; assigns priority of work for job requests; supervises final or quality control inspection of repaired equipment and maintenance documents; supervises calibration and shop safety programs; serves as principal maintenance NCO in an ATC company, platoon, or section.

(4) MOSC 94D4O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level; manages maintenance facilities and leads platoons; manages calibration, quality assurance, and quality control programs for maintenance facilities; coordinates for maintenance and repair of ATC equipment; provides information for unit systems status reports; maintains applicable administrative and maintenance files and inspects TAMMS and repair parts records; recommends Prescribed Load List (PLL), shop stock, and bench stock changes; manages supply operations for maintenance facilities; coordinates with organizations and contractors for maintenance support and assistance; ensures regulatory compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) and national level directives governing Information Assurance (IA) policies and procedures; prepares technical reports on ATC equipment.

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