Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
NCOER Bullets

o reconstructed JDACCS Maintenance Workstation Software; restored support to an operational Air Traffic Control Facility

o enforced strict accountability and maintenance of over $5,000,000 of equipment; improved unit readiness

o accepted responsibility for his actions and those of his subordinates; reduced obstacles to technical growth

o ensured all Troopers fully supported the Army's Equal Opportunity program

o displayed the highest level of confidence, enthusiasm and impeccable military bearing for his Troopers to emulate

o embraced the challenge of leading Troopers in the physical training improvement program

o performed the duties of the First Sergeant and led a detachment of 13 Troopers at JRTC with outstanding results

o his technical knowledge and personal expertise ensured the highest quality of training for all 16 assigned technicians

o provided valuable feedback that led to three letters of agreement with ATC civilian counterparts for controller training

o ensured five Troopers were prepared to attend and successfully complete BLC, ALC, and SLC; three earning promotion to SSG

o oversaw planning and adjustments to the unit deployment list for two JRTC rotations and Global Response Force posturing

o coordinated with sister units to facilitate each units training priorities among the multiple planned GCA missions

o oversaw equipment tech training and planning; ensuring the unit was ready to support one JRTC rotation and five field exercises

o managed the platoon's use of simulation training resources; allowed development of a solid foundation in terminal area ATS

o implemented a streamlined communication and scheduling platform that the company would adopt as the standard for operations

o ensured the platoon was ready to support the 378 CAB aviators with ATS as planned or upon notification, where-ever needed

o coordinated training resources and execution; ensured facility certifications for six controllers and two maintainers

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