MOS 94M RADAR Repairer Duty Descriptions

94M Radar Repairer Course Instructor
Serves as an Instructor for the 94M Radar Repairer Course; conducts classroom and laboratory instruction for 128 U.S. and Foreign Military Students annually in basic electronics and field level maintenance for the Firefinder, Sentinel and Ground Surveillance Radars; performs technical writer functions of developing lesson plans, practical exercises and tests; updates Programs of Instruction (POI); provides leadership, performs counseling, maintains academic records and provides academic assistance to students within the course; maintains 100% accountability for six TPQ-36 firefinder radar sets valued at 60,000,000.

MOS 94M Radar Repairer
Maintains AN/TPQ36, AN/TPQ37 and AN/TPQ50 Firefinder RADAR systems in support of the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command; responsible for the development, training, discipline, welfare and morale of 9 Soldiers; conducts sensor alignments in accordance with quarterly and annual PMIS; maintains schematics, wiring diagrams, and service manuals; analyzes test results to locate faults and resolve failures; performs testing, troubleshooting, alignment, and component replacement; maintains accountability of all Essential Repair Parts Stockage List (ERPSL) valued at over $2 million; develops field maintenance standards and proceedures.

10-94M. 94M--Radar Repairer (Radar Rep), CMF 94
(Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program (ACASP) designated MOS)

a. Major duties. The radar repairer performs or supervises field level maintenance on SENTINEL (Ground Based Sensor) and FIREFINDER radar electronic assemblies and associated equipment; performs or supervises field level maintenance on ground surveillance radar, associated equipment and meteorological equipment. Duties for MOS 94M at each level of skill are:

(1) MOSC 94M1O. Troubleshoots radar and associated equipment assemblies, subassemblies, modular and circuit elements with common and system peculiar test equipment for deficiencies and malfunctions; repairs, removes, and/or replaces defective components and parts; tests repaired system to ensure compliance with technical specifications; inspects, tests, and adjusts system components and test equipment to specific tolerances; determines serviceability and disposition of radar systems assemblies, subassemblies, and parts; performs initial, in-process, and on-site technical and quality control inspections; prepares and maintains equipment logs, equipment modification and utilization records, exchange tags, and calibration data cards.

(2) MOSC 94M2O. Performs duties shown in preceding skill level and provides technical guidance to junior grade personnel. Provides technical assistance to supported units; installs equipment modifications; completes maintenance and supply forms; performs initial and final checkout and inspection of designated system items, assemblies, and subassemblies; calibrates radar, organizational maintenance, and antenna alignment test sets.

(3) MOSC 94M3O. Performs and supervises duties shown in preceding skill level. Establishes workload and repair priorities; recommends procedures for receipt, storage, inspection, testing, and repair of SENTINEL, FIREFINDER, Surveillance radar and associated equipment; identifies faulty work practices and demonstrates proper maintenance and trouble shooting techniques; organizes and conducts OJT programs; implements quality control measures; establishes and maintains maintenance records; prepares maintenance reports; advises supervisors on operational and maintenance matters.

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