RADAR Repairer NCOER Bullets

o spent a week troubleshooting the AN/TPQ-50 LCMR radar; restored the LCMR radar system to full functionality

o maintained accountability for over $2,000,000 worth of RADAR and generator parts

o packed, transported ANTP Q36 Radar, a system worth over 8 million dollars from the rear to Iraq

o solely responsible for keeping a daily status of all training radar availability and the coordination of organizational and direct supports maintenance repairs

o conceptualized and implemented new radar maintenance program which increased training capability through streamlined fault reporting and equipment accountability

o repaired three non mission capable ECUs with minimal tools or guidance in three days to restore operations

o deployed for 13 months to support EADS DET 1/263rd AAMDC TF; protected 30,000 square miles of NCR airspace

o supported presidential inauguration; setup secret service real-time radar circuit, enabled POTUS 24/7 air sovereignty

o served as NCOIC of the Army Space Support Team during the Key Resolve 2013 exercise

o her professionalism contributed to the successful execution of ARSST 17's deployment and return from the Key Resolve exercise

o drove effective Homeland Defense link maintenance; led repairs for multiple joint service NORAD sites

o upgraded ONE next generation weapons system and survival system; prepared for future operations

tactical radar system deployed


o performed PMCS, routine maintenance, and repairs ensuring all assigned radars were operational for training

o provided over 1000 hours of instructional hours completing all requirements for Instructor Level through the USAOMEMS Instructor Development Program

o logged over 1200 hours of platform instruction during a period of nine months, and was able to attain two instructor certification levels in less than eleven months

RSOP Member, 4-3 ADA

o trained and coached the entire team on proper methods and strategies to lay in the tactical site; reduced operational delays by 50%

o diagnosed faults and repaired RADAR set in a timely manner after experiencing failure after emplacement

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