MOS 94T Avenger System Repairer Duty Description

94T Avenger System Repairer
Serves as an Avenger System Repairer for the only Short Range Air Defense Artillery Battery defending the Korean peninsula, assigned to the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade; responsible for the operational readiness of 18 Avenger Weapon Systems valued in excess of $30,000,000; utilizes specialized test and diagnostic equipment in order to diagnose, analyze, and repair malfunctions; responsible for the health, morale, welfare, discipline, safety, training, and professional growth of two Soldiers; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of one maintenance contact vehicle and tools valued in excess of $1,500,000.

94T30 Avenger Section Chief (SSG/E-6)

Performs the full range of procedural and administrative work for the Battery. Typical are the following:

As Avenger Section Chief in the Army's largest Avenger Battery deployed in Republic of Korea, supervises and coordinates field maintenance level support for Avenger weapon systems; ensures production backlog and job statuses are current, and maintains equipment valued over $24M including: 3 trailers, 5 generators, 5 shelter trucks, 4 LMTVs, and 2 Organizational Ready Floats (ORFs) that could be called up for action at any time and anywhere worldwide for Combat mission.

Coordinates, supervises and inspects maintenance on up to 24 Avenger Missile Weapon Systems, their components, and 2 Avenger Operational Readiness Floats (ORFs) with 97% operational readiness rate; provides maintenance and accountability of shop contents, including M1097, M1101 trailer, and Avenger shop set valued at $4M with no losses.

Supervises, motivates, and manages daily workload of 11 lower enlisted shop personnel and at least one NCO, including their health, welfare, morale, discipline, and training in the 94T MOS; provides technical knowledge and expertise in acquisition of 26 Avenger Weapon Systems valued in excess of $26M; orchestrates and conducts Courageous Channel training events (live fire exercises); reorganizes battery tool truck; maintains shop operations during Brigade Command Inspection Program (CIP); plans and executes a reset of all 26 systems when needed per military guidelines.

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