DART Duty Descriptions

ATP 3-04.13, Helicopter and Small Aircraft Battle Damage Assessment, Repair, and Recovery

Recovery Team Leader
Serves as Recovery Team leader; leads the recovery team; coordinates with Combat Search and Rescue and other agencies; assigns and ensures all team members understand their responsibilities; coordinates with all involved units to maintain a current and accurate SOP; maintains a current recovery team alert roster; regularly tests all equipment for serviceability and coordinates repair when necessary; assesses and mitigates risk; ensures team readiness and ability to deploy within one hour of notification;

Protection and Security NCO
Serves as Protection and Security NCO; evaluates and trains team members on warrior tasks, weapons, communications, night vision goggles, and other equipment; monitors the condition and readiness of all assigned equipment; maintains a weapons roster for the team; stands alert status and responds to deployment alert immediately; identifies UXO and other hazards and marks and controls entrance to the area;

Convoy Commander
Serves as Convoy Commander; maintains situational awareness of area of responsibility and available routes; monitors status of all recovery team vehicles and vehicle-mounted equipment; maintains fuel level IAW regulations; reports equipment and vehicle faults to the recovery team leader and arranges repair; maintains a driver and bumper number roster;

Rigging Specialist
Serves as downed aircraft rigging specialist; maintains the aircraft recovery kit in accordance with technical manuals; trains and qualifies rigging team on sling procedures for a variety of aircraft; rehearses rigging procedures for a variety of aircraft and loads including personnel; responsible for storage and issue of individual equipment; coordinates with CH-47 crew for communications and operations; maintains and ensures serviceability of cargo slings and nets; mitigates risk and ensures safety;

Rigging Specialist
Serves as downed aircraft recovery team rigging specialist; maintains Aircraft Recovery Kit and cargo slings and nets; assesses hazards at crash site related to crane and heavy equipment operations; prepares site for and assists with positioning and setup of cranes and other heavy equipment; identifies rigging techniques to assist in the rescue of injured personnel or the stabilization of aircraft; coordinates efforts of task force personnel and heavy equipment operators; adheres to all safety procedures;

Communications Specialist
Serves as communications manager for the Recovery Team; provides on site communication to HQ; maintains team Land Mobile Radios, batteries, and associated equipment; stores and distributes current COMSEC key material; assists members with aircraft communications; maintains communications equipment IAW technical manuals; tests all equipment for all sections for interoperability and propagation; assigns call signs; identifies and destroys COMSEC equipment on aircraft that cannot be recovered; documents communications requirements in the team SOP;

Combat Medic
Serves as combat medic for the Recovery Team; stands alert on rotating basis; responsible for the care of team members and recovered personnel; anticipates scope and scale of medical assistance requirements; obtains and maintains required medical equipment and supplies; identifies and mitigates exposure to hazardous materials; responds to deployment order in less than one hour; stabilizes and prepares injured members for transport; administers first aid;

Serves as Driver for the Recovery Team; maintains assigned vehicles and vehicle systems IAW operators manuals; evaluate available vehicles for load capacity; maintains familiarity with and operates all vehicle systems; maintains paper and digital maps of assigned AOR; performs operator level maintenance on two M88A2 recovery vehicles and one AT422 22-ton crane; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) system, all assigned MTOE equipment and Basic Issue Items (BII) valued in excess of $500,000.

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