Entry Control Point (ECP) Duty Descriptions

Sergeant of the Guard, Installation Access Control Point (IACP)
Served as a Sergeant of the Guard Installation Access Control Point (IACP); controls access of vehicles, visitors and pedestrians into military installations; screens employees, visitors, and contractor personnel for visitor access on military installations; denies access to unauthorized personnel or those who do not meet authorized entry criteria; makes instantaneous decisions regarding the use of deadly force; operates Active Vehicle Barrier when required; alerts appropriate officials of apparent security violations; conducts traffic stops at the IACP for safety and security checks.

Entry Control Point Officer
Serves as Entry Control Point (ECP) Officer; maintains continuous communications with other ECPs and HQ; maintains list of authorized visitors; identifies all personnel and vehicles entering the facility; communicates effectively with personnel desiring access; notifies supervision immediately of a breech of the entry point; identifies violations of security protocol during Identification Checks; coordinates with associated security teams such as Allied, Barton, and Raytheon.

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