IMO Duty Descriptions

Information Management Officer
Serves as Information Management Officer; acts as liaison between the unit and the installation Network Enterprise Center; coordinates with the NEC for security, software, and equipment upgrades and repair; provides secure, high quality information services neccessary for mission accomplishment; integrates military and civilian information systems, applications, and programs; submits IT service requests to the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD); standardizes software use and ensures computer and communications security; issues passwords, monitors network use, and enforces IT security protocols.

IMO Technician
Serves as IMO Technician; performs IMO duties as outlined in the current AR 25-1 and AR 25-2; provides customer support services for Garrison IT equipment, software, systems, interfaces, and networks; plans for, configures, and maintains computers; analyzes problems in applications software and/or IT equipment; diagnoses problems and develops modifications and/or procedures to resolve them; advises the DGC on IT requirements and current capabilities and limitations; coordinates, develops, and executes Life Cycle Management (LCM) for common users' desktop computers.

Help Desk Specialist
Serves as Help Desk Specialist for the Division Special Troops Battalion; provides around-the-clock technical support; troubleshoots and resolves end user hardware and software problems; assigns problems that cannot be resolved to the appropriate technician; monitors status until the problem is resolved; opens, troubleshoots, and closes trouble tickets and adds relevant information into the trouble ticket database; verifies end user satisfaction prior to closing trouble ticket; responsible for over $500,000 in equipment across five buildings.

Help Desk Specialist
Serves as Help Desk Specialist; assists over 3,000 soldiers on over 4,000 workstations; complies with DISA requirements; creates, updates, and deletes user accounts; resolves computer and software configuration and network connectivity issues; assists users with creating user profiles, printer, and peripheral device troubleshooting; installs, removes, and replaces computers, servers, monitors, printers, and other IT equipment; maintains VDI, Army Golden Master (AGM) build, Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS), NIPR, SIPR, Microsoft Operating Software (OS), and Active Directory.

IMO Manager
Serves as IMO Manager; manages and monitors conventional and web applications; assesses knowledge management needs and develops strategies to meet them; identifies and obtains required resources; provides oversight, planning, and funding coordination for Garrison IT requirements; assists the DGC in managing the unit's IT processes; initiates and forwards Requests for Services to the NEC; acts as liaison to the NEC for repair of IT equipment; monitors all common-user C4/IT baseline services; forecasts and negotiates C4/IT above-baseline service delivery; coordinates backup and archive services.

Senior Information Management Officer (IMO)
Serves as Senior Information Management Officer (IMO); provides IT support to NETCOM and supported organizations for DoDIN hardware, software, data, applications, tools, and systems in both classified and unclassified network environments; supports NETCOM G-6 with business operations, Cybersecurity, Knowledge Management Integration (KMI), Army Enterprise Service Ownership/ Development, Capability Management, and Content Management requirements; manages accounts for users on NETCOM managed systems; maintains user records.

Information Management Officer (IMO)
Serves as Information Management Officer (IMO); provides troubleshooting, support, and O&M for all IT systems in support of NETCOM G-6 customers; provides NETCOM HQ with IT support; grants SharePoint access to all SharePoint administrators and SharePoint site collection managers; ensures equipment usability in the event of a COOP; tests COOP capabilities quarterly; updates, maintains and modifies NETCOM HQ IT Service COOP plan; maintains network structure and components, telephone and video teleconferencing equipment, and services at NETCOM sites.

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