Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-E) Operator Duty Descriptions

SAMS-E Operator
Serves as SAMS-E Operator for an Ammunition Supply Point/Theater Storage Area; performs vehicle, equipment and container maintenance management and repair part supply functions; submits maintenance requisitions via automated or manual supply transaction; reviews and posts all received supply transactions within SAMS-E; conducts monthly reconciliation with the SSA; identifies inventory and parts requisition discrepancies; provides reports to supported battalion headquarters.

SAMS-E Operator
Serves as SAMS-E Operator for 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (3ESC); coordinates with XVIII Airborne Corps to identify and support maintenance and supply priorities; maintains equipment maintenance files; schedules equipment repairs, maintenance, and service; issues and receives parts; opens and closes work orders; submits daily reports via SAMS-E; conducts monthly parts reconciliation; maintains hard copies of supply transactions, adjustment documents, and other records.

SAMS-E V1 Operator
Oversees all shop office functions and operations such as production control, Class IX ordering, and overall man hour accounting; supervises SAMS-E V1 operators for all supported units and maintains and controls SAMS-E V2; supervises quality control personnel and ensures that procedures are in place to monitor quality of maintenance provided to supported units; provides maintenance reports to supported battalion headquarters with current status of all battalion equipment.

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