Executive Officer (XO) Duty Descriptions

Civil Affairs Battalion XO
Executive Officer of the 437th Civil Affairs Battalion consisting of 203 Soldiers, including 24 full time Soldiers and Civilians, organized into a Battalion Headquarters and four tactical CA Companies; serves as principal assistant to the Battalion Commander and key staff integrator to free the Commander from routine details of staff operations and the management of the Headquarters; responsible for directing efforts associated with the logistical, administrative, and fiscal management of a Civil Affairs Battalion with world-wide contingency missions; communicates as a liaison between the Commander, staff, and subordinate units; directs staff coordination to align with the Commander's intent as well as supporting subordinate unit success; ensures the best quality of life for Soldiers and their families; develops subordinate leaders through an active professional development program, emphasizing coaching, counseling, and mentoring; responsible for maintenance and accountability.

Brigade Executive Officer
Serves as the Brigade's Executive Officer; responsible for establishing and enforcing staff procedures, ensuring the Commander and the staff are informed on matters affecting the Command and individual staff responsibilities and assembling and supervising the staff during MDMP (Military Decision Making Process) ensuring a coordinated and synchronized plan; ensures information flow between the staff and Commander on staff recommendations, Commander's intent, CCIR, and the Commander's decisions; establishes and enforces planning timelines (1/3- 2/3), supervising the main CP (Command Post) and its operations, enforcing standing operating procedures; supervises deployment of the Brigade and ensures adequacy of the Brigade's logistics.

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