Aviation Platoon Sergeant Duty Descriptions

15T Aviation Platoon Sergeant
Serves as a Platoon Sergeant in an Assault Helicopter Company; responsible for managing the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, administrative actions for # NCOs and # Warrant Officers; provides leadership, mentorship, and training to all Soldiers in the platoon; responsible for the maintenance and serviceability of ten UH-60 Helicopters collectively valued at over $40 million; facilitates the development of the Platoon Leader's aviation maintenance expertise; assists and advises the Platoon Leader in all platoon matters including training plans; teaches and instills crew resource management procedures to all Soldiers in the platoon; assists and supports the First Sergeant in all matters; maintains the platoon's personal readiness.

15E Aviation Platoon Sergeant
Supervises unmanned aircraft systems maintenance and technical inspection activities; determines man-hours, personnel, parts and facility requirements to repair unmanned aircraft systems and associated equipment; plans maintenance areas, component repair, technical inspection techniques, and procedures, according to directives, technical manuals, work standards, and operational policies; maintains supply economy and discipline; supervises unmanned aircraft systems technical training program; prepares evaluations, special reports, and records pertaining to unmanned aircraft systems maintenance and related activities; recommends and administers plans and policies.

15F Aviation Platoon Sergeant
Supervises and provides technical guidance to a section consisting of three 15F and four 15N Soldiers; evaluates, implements and manages technical training program; evaluates maintenance facilities and procedures ensuring compliance with directives, technical manuals, safety standards and standard operational procedure policies; applies production control, quality control and other maintenance management principles and procedures to helicopter maintenance operations; manages and accountable for aircraft maintenance tool kits, special tools and vehicles exceeding $200,000 in value.

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