Intellect NCOER Bullet Comments

Mental Ability, Sound Judgement, Innovation, Interpersonal Tact, Expertise

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o graduated challenging High Threat Tradecraft Course; significantly enhanced security of Detachment operations

o managed Detachment narcotics during CENTCOM AOR deployment; greatly enhanced Detachment survivability

o served as a range coach and safety for the BN M4 range; coached Soldiers on the fundamentals of marksmanship, leading to a high qualification rate

o sponsored Soldier to represent USANEC-A in BN Soldier of the Quarter board; Soldier outperformed all others at the formal board

o maximized the use of social media presence to reach more recruits; techniques adopted by entire recruiting team

o improvised to meet shipping deadline; coordinated with sister unit for resource sharing; adopted as new shop procedure

o exploited her experience as CBRN NCO; obtained the isopropyl alcohol needed to conduct 127 tests with the Protective Assessment Test System

o salvaged parts for two mission critical STTs; resulted in 100% equipment validation and mission success during CSTX 86-19-03

o obtained certification as a tactical commander of 11 military vehicles; improved unit mobility and ensured additional manning resources were available

o modified NSN repair parts to work on TPE Gators and Polaris when civilian parts were unavailable; prevented conditions from limiting the mission

o used all available resources and support to eliminate delays in GCSS-Army processing; sustained organizational aviation maintenance capabilities

o provided insights into the unit's medical processes, improving accuracy and throughput

o chosen over three SFCs to assume the role as First Sergeant in his absence; achieved great results

o absorbed and completed assignments to the fullest while staying focused to take sound and logical courses of action

o shares his hard won knowledge with less experienced peers; encourages technical growth

o diligently pursued qualification on all METL tasks; continuous advancement every month

o exploited all available resources to meet requirements; reduced turn-around time by 30%

o selected over six Senior NCOs to serve as the NCOIC of brigade support to EIB testing for 5000 Infantry Soldiers

o allocated manpower to split-based operations for 6 months with no interruptions to training or customer support

o aggressively approached unfamiliar tasks with common sense and the urgency required by the chain of command

o improvised to meet shipping deadline; coordinated with sister unit for resource sharing; adopted as new shop procedure

o brought innovation to equipment room; reorganized, doubled storage capacity without sacrificing equipment care

o identified lack of shielding as cause of intermittent failure; corrected chronic problem and saved thousands in repair parts and time

o maximized the use of automation to reduce workload and delays; new procedures adapted by the entire unit for admin processing

o organized internal command maintenance program resulting in a 98% operational readiness rate for all team assigned equipment

o expert SARSS technician; identified and solved system and software errors that would have impaired SSA operations and mission execution

o implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 900 man hours saved in six month period

o used tact and diplomacy when briefing Joint Service, Host Nation and Foreign Dignitaries while deployed; increased opportunities for cooperative training

o developed a unique and efficient approach for debriefing crewmembers returning from missions involving critically or fatally wounded soldiers

o revised and implemented the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP converting the inspected area from black to green

o synchronized a myriad of admin, logistics and training requirements to provide predictability and precise planning through a dynamic and enforced battle rhythm

o added theater specific trauma lanes to the Brigade CLS course: created a realistic training environment to over 2600 deploying Warriors

o demonstrated adaptability by transitioning from 2 different weapon systems within months notice

o procured an Expeditionary Deployable Oxygen Concentration System decreasing oxygen ressupply from two weeks to less than 72 hours

o possessed strong technical and operational knowledge in all facets of position held; superb results filling the Maintenance Control Sergeant slot for eight months

o assisted in the designing and planning of the expansion of FOB Salerno theater FARP and AHA; improved aircraft versatility and ammuntion storage capacity by 20%

o advanced through duty positions as Survey Team Member, Survey Team Chief, Reconnaissance NCO, and ultimately Operations NCO during his assignment with the 3rd CST(WMD)

o developed concepts of support, which integrated group's logistical capabilities, subsequently increasing unit efficiency by 20%

o used all available resources to accomplish all missions assigned; a no-nonsense NCO who produced concrete results

o analyzed and tracked enemy historical point of origin sites; assisted in effective enemy attack zone targeting, reduced IDF attacks by 40%

o unparalleled ability to multitask and achieve outstanding results; reduced maintenance work order back log by 50% in less than 3 months

o embraced leadership roles with a primary focus on standards, counseling and MEDPROS; sacrificed family and personal time to resolve Soldiers' issues

o inherited a sub-standard Maintenance Control program; made improvements that exceeded Brigade standards

o technical knowledge, skill, and demonstrated expertise in IT and Cyber tasks resulted in his selection to attend the Cyber Digital Master Gunner course

o developed a comprehensive telecommunications plan which ensured operational continuity during the relocation of 114 Soldiers and Civilians

o experience has led to expertise in his job

o stellar performer; consistently demonstrated superior knowledge of CBRN tactics and procedures while displaying tremendous initiative to accomplish assigned tasks

o quickly mastered all facets of PACOM's largest distribution element; increased section output and accuracy

o set the standard within the Brigade for Range certification

o made decisions based upon his and his personnel's experience; always made the right choices for the team as a whole

o outstanding judgment; always gives sound advice and guidance

o always in focus and is superbly well organized; never without direction

o relentlessly pursued professional and personal development; graduated college with honors earning an associates degree with a GPA of 3.49

o developed intelligence reports that were an integral part of all company Combat patrol mission planning and CONOPs

o the company's most knowledgeable "Command Post of the Future" systems operator and "TigerNet" battlefield imagery administrator

o commended for her outstanding performance and dedication to the civilians and Soldiers affected by the Ft. Hood tragedy

o AAR skills are among the best

o demonstrated high levels of competence; personally selected by the company 1SG to lead in his absence

o did not waiver from responsibility for himself; learned from his mistakes and sought self-improvement

o cleared over 2000 miles during route clearance missions during three months of combat operations resulting in the safely discovery of two IED's and zero casualties

o completed 18 semester hours of college towards a associate degree maintaining a 3.8 grade point average despite a demanding work schedule during his rating period

o demonstrated excellent technical and tactical knowledge as a squad leader ensuring all tasks were completed in a timely manner and exceeding all standards

o created the unit NCO Battle Book which was adopted by the entire 614th FA Artillery Group

o earned a Commendable rating for TRANSEC key control during Battalion Command Inspection Program

o Physical Security NCO program received no deficiencies on last Command inspection

o completed requirements for Associate/Bachelor Degree

o certified over 75 items of TMDE, key to laboratory's 3 day backlog, lowest backlog in years

o recognized by BDE CSM for excellence as NCOIC during post Change of Command ceremonies

o continuously sought out by peers and superiors throughout the Battalion for operational guidance

o recognized by Battalion Commander as the most efficient Operations Sergeant for out processing and graduating a PLDC class

o flawlessly handled finance and personnel actions for 250 soldiers with zero late transactions

o displays tactical and technical knowledge well beyond his skill level

o completes all tasks in a timely manner and beyond expectations

o incorporates a variety of techniques that expedites the completion of all assignments

o recognized by Fort Carson CSM for excellence as a member of post color guard during Veterans Day ceremonies

o processed over 45 elimination packets with a zero errors

o critical and independent thinker, possesses the confidence and mental toughness to strive for excellence

o successfully completed resilience training and a two week SHARP course to enhance the performance of the company and herself

o awarded AAM for successfully establishing and managing entry control proceedures needed to accomplish secure network training operations for over 200 personnel

o exceeded course standards and graduated ALC with Commandant's List honors exhibiting the highest level of professionalism and competency

o reviewed, identified, and corrected 162 signature cards (DA 1687s) for the entire Group; resulting in an increased accuracy rating of 75% to 97%

o received Army achievement medal for his skill and ability as a gunner while participating in annual training for 2012

o selected above his peers to serve as the Fire Support NCO at Combat Outpost Deysie where he coordinated more than 20 fire missions that were vital to COP security

o selected over his peers for his sound judgment to serve as the Battle NCO at COP Deysie where he facilitated the success of the Troop Intelligence Support Team

o demonstrated proficiency in controlling rotary-wing assets while under fire repeatedly, his actions were instrumental in deterring further enemy attacks on his unit

o demonstrated outstanding ability to keep up the fast pace, high demands as Medical Training NCOIC for deploying medics while battling PTSD, placed over 1200 medics in schools with no errors in 2011

o maintained the most efficient enlistment processing section in the company while operating at 98% first time go's for enlistment packets

o possesses the potential to serve at the highest levels in the Army

o reliable mentor with a strong sense of ethics who was frequently consulted by his peers and Master Gunner for his expertise and guidance on MOS and Soldier's issues

o successfully mentored the Company Commander and Executive Officer's crews in order to qualify first time on Gun Table VI during M1A1 Abrams Gunnery

o selected to be the platoon sergeant for a total of 4 weeks during the rated period; superbly handled the additional responsibilities

o flawless performer thriving and performing best under challenging circumstances

o sought self-improvement through foreign language classes with Rosetta Stone during off duty hours

o innovative in devising alternative solutions

o unique and comprehensive computer skills

o ensured the team was prepared for all missions and contingencies prior to movement; ensured mission success

o easily accomplished all assigned tasks

o proficient in all technical areas

o has outstanding organizational skills; maximizes limited resources to achieve excellent results

o always strives for self improvement

o achieved Senior Instructor level at the USAOC&S ahead of peers

o demonstrated effective training skills and technical knowledge

o effectively executed all missions and goals assigned regardless of difficulty

o blends knowledge with technical confidence resulting in all task completed with zero delays

o selected by the Staff Judge Advocate and Command Paralegal as the command's Coggins Award nominee, an award for excellence for paralegals

o processed over 520 legal actions while deployed to a theater of combat operations with 95 percent accuracy

o used exceptionally sound judgement and diplomacy when addressing legal issues with command teams

o improved Battalion supply, maintenance, and financial programs, producing a twenty percent increase in equipment serviceability rates

o technically and tactically proficient Master Gunner; supervised over 200 ranges and qualifications across the brigade

o successfully established and managed Class IV supplies needed to accomplish repair operations in the BDE LSA foot print at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

o his tactical proficiency was continually sought after by subordinates and superiors; persistently incorporated his former combat experiences to improve unit operations

o repeatedly called upon to work with depot MSE technicians at Tobyhanna Army Depot

o achieved commendable rating as unit security manager on Battalion Command Inspection Program

o made Dean's List with distinction for 4.0 grade average in Bachelor degree program

o directly responsible for the unit's extremely successful deployment to NTC

o developed training management system which led unit to excellence rating during CI

o continually demonstrates competence and knowledge of a 1SG

Needs Improvement

o struggled to maintain focus and productivity when multitasking; overwhelmed when working unfamiliar tasks

o displayed poor judgment in Basic Leader Course; received a dismissal for committing academic dishonesty

o failed to prioritize workload and use effective time management; showed little motivation to adapt to the work environment

o refused to seek out new experience and professional growth; failed to develop his tactical and technical knowledge to improve his responsibilities

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