Leads NCOER Bullet Comments

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence, Leads by example, Communication

Leadership Course

o took charge in the absence of senior NCOs or when necessary and always made the right decisions

o his leadership and "Take Charge" attitude facilitated a sense of teamwork, loyalty, and initiaive in his subordinates which focused their efforts and ultimately delivered every mission requested

o her leadership was paramount in ensuring an 'always ready' platoon, ensuring that the standard for personal accountability and equipment was always met

o volunteered 45 hours with TeamRWB and Sergeant Audie Murphy Club; recognized by FTCKY Garrison Commander

o mentored Soldiers for 531st HC promotion and competition boards; one NCO and four Soldiers achieved promotable status

o spoke to a local Girls Scout troop about her experiences as a woman in the military; inspired young girls to achieve greatness

o dedicated to Soldiers and families in their time of need; volunteered to become the CNO & CAO for the Battalion

o stressed the importance of self development; motivated two Soldiers to begin taking college classes earning six credit hours

o used vital medical resources; set example, removing stigma related to mental health and combat stress

o volunteered personal time training MRT at the Brigade level to over 70 Leaders; increased competence among their formations

o built trust and cohesion by listening to his soldiers and valuing their opinions

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o attacked all missions given him; accepted all challenges and took the initiative to consult others for advice

o communicated effectively with soldiers; all section members knowledgeable on mission; best informed section in Bn

o provided guidance/motivation for subordinates; delivered opportunities for technical and professional growth

o motivated and prepared Soldiers for professional military schools; 100% of his squad completing WLC with top scores

o ensured Soldiers' concerns and needs were addressed and resolved; increased their trust and commitment to the unit

o disseminated information to his Soldiers continuously; ensured all assigned tasks were accomplished and increased readiness

o assisted in the implementation and refinement of a support by fire operations SOP for the Battalion

o directed the fire of his gun teams during a force on force fight at JRTC; achieved 79 opposition force Soldiers casualties

o conducted company EO training as the primary instructor for 83 Paratroopers; resulted in zero EO complaints in the company

o recognized by peers and leadership for reliability, follow through and tremendous personal initiative

o lead a company remedial PRT program resulting in eight Soldiers raising their APFT score by an average of 28 points

o mentored seven Soldiers for selection as the Soldier of the Month while continuing to instruct as a primary instructor

o included coalition NCOs from the New Zealand Army in daily operations; multiplied section ability

o suggested a possible positive outcome when faced with difficult adverse conditions; encouraged innovation and group solutions

o served as the Maintenance Control Sergeant for four months during operation Combined Resolve VI

o confronted irresponsible behavior and convinced actors of its injurious effects; avoided unit personnel issues

o braved popular dissatisfaction to support Commander's goals; persuaded team of necessity of its goals and reached them ahead of schedule

o charted rotating duty assignments and sick call waivers; identified correlation; stopped improper use of system to avoid duty

o built effective working relationships internally and externally; increased section capability and reach

o took over detachment and immediately identified and corrected discipline problems; discharged one Soldier, restored morale

o inspired two Soldiers to seek self improvement through Basic Education Skills Program; raised the Soldiers GT xx points

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o improved overall command climate by enforcing SHARP program; led and trained his team on how to Intervene, Act and Motivate

o proactive; constantly guided his subordinates towards goal; certified as CAT V for the first time in 5 years

o mentored 6 newly appointed subordinate units' Land and Ammo NCOs; battalions' achieved 98% training and certifications in 5 months

o promoted a professional and safe work environment that adhered to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response guidelines

o motivated and inspired Soldiers to exceed standards continuously; platoon won six company streamers and Honor Platoon

o taught Soldiers common tasks and team building skills; resulted in a 93% graduation rate over three cycles, the highest in the company

o established a rapport with Soldiers such that subordinates seek his council on personal as well as professional matters

o managed and maintained operational readiness throughout an adverse budget and resource reduction period

o established and grew an atmosphere of pride and professionalism...

o supervised installation's newspaper production resulting in 3 DA and WESTCOM awards for excellence

o directly responsible for A Co taking "Top Gun" in Division on TT VIII

o leader; his platoon survival rate for NTC battles was 93%, highest in the OPFOR Regiment

o involved with team reenlistment efforts; contributed to the highest QPA in Brigade

o is driving force behind reenlistment program being best in size category for 5th Sig Comd

o coached Service Rifle Team in the winning of the Interservice Championships

o inspired soldier in her platoon to achieve Soldier of the Year honors

o platoon awarded Battalion CTT Award for Excellence; highest pass rate in 17 years

o executed first ever FTX for MACOM HHC

o prepared seven personnel for BNCOC resulting in 2 Honor Graduates and 2 on the Commandant's List

o improved unit morale by planning and leading trips for entire unit and family members

o squad ranked 1st of 16 during Battalion Home Station Gunnery evaluation (Battle Drills)

o his platoon rifle marksmanship program resulted in 18 experts out of 24 personnel

o inspired staff to win Best Ward Appearance Award out of 60 stateside wards

o leadership was paramount in platoon winning US Army Air Traffic Control Platoon of the Year

o 95% of the battalion's CMF11 soldiers earned EIB, a tremendous logistics effort!

o won MACOM retention excellence award for 11th ID

o his leadership was main factor in the company obtaining brigade-high 90% 11 series SQT average

o planned and executed 3 fund raisers earning over $1200 for Soldier care projects

o mentored his Soldier; resulted in Soldier's successful promotion board and subsequent recommendation for promotion 6 months ahead of schedule

o ensured mental and physical well being of his Soldier despite a rigorus OPTEMPO and constant danger; zero man hours lost to injury or illness in austere conditions

o united a team of active duty, reserve and National Guard soldiers into one cohesive organization

o mentored and supervised 5 Investigators during over 80 investigations involving the possession or use of drugs

o demonstrated a contagious positive attitude, posture and approach

o accepted responsibility for Soldiers and missions with confidence

o gave credit for accomplishments to Soldiers; increased their confidence in their abilities

o consistently placed mission first in conjunction with taking care of Soldiers

o mentored substandard students on Army doctrine using his vast knowledge and experience; resulted in a 98.2% graduation rate of students assigned to him

o showed genuine care for Soldiers and family issues that encouraged Soldiers to approach him with all situations

o took a new platoon and successfully molded them into a team in less than 4 months

o selected over 20 fellow instructors as the instructor of the Quarter for the 1st Quarter FY09 for his unparalleled ability to train, coach, and mentor Soldiers

o instructed over 40 inmates on Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness resulting in 100% of inmates trained

o encouraged Soldiers to continue education, three increased their GT scores above 110; currently enrolled in 4 credit hours of college

o instilled confidence in his Soldiers by never quitting even in a high OPTEMPO environment during NTC; always first to enter and clear buildings

o trained Soldiers from four companies on processes for accurately forecasting, requesting, and obtaining land and ammunition for training exercises

o carefully and objectively assessed problems through sound decision making process

o instilled a sense of pride in soldiers

o led this unit to exceed standards for operations during Brigade Command Inspection

o performed duties as acting First Sergeant

o devoted after hours to resolving soldier problems

o displayed a strong concern for soldiers; effectively assisted in solving their problems though counseling

o treats soldiers firmly but in a manner that instills esprit de corps and the will to succeed

o superior leadership qualities; leads by example

o received impact AAM for leadership excellence during Post CSM's retirement review

o chosen to serve as acting Brigade Command Sergeant Major for a period of eight weeks

o led NCO trainers during EFMB yielding a remarkable 51% pass rate

o guided, motivated and tutored two soldiers to become Corps NCO of the Quarter

o his leadership yielded the highest readiness rate for a V Corps unit

o constantly stressed mission and readiness

Needs Improvement

o pointed out leadership faults in front of peers and subordinates resulting in a continued, already toxic work environment

o led only when directed to; needs to take initiative for leading Soldiers he is responsible for

o failed to seek clarifying guidance when faced with a difficult task; unable to communicate his need for assistance during adversity

o pointed out subordinate faults continually resulting in a toxic work environment

o led only when directed to; needed to take initiative for leading Soldiers he is responsible for

o adversely affected the state of readiness by not having personnel and vehicle information ready prior to SP

o incapable of conducting recruiting duties during the majority of the rated period; removed from a position of special trust

o Soldier did not advocate for nor take advantage of any leadership opportunities; actively avoided such challenges

o set one of the worst examples of leadership in the Unit and was generally distrusted by seniors, peers, and subordinates

o negatively affected Unit retention numbers; Soldiers that worked with him often went AWOL or would not reenlist because of his conduct

o NCO was a corrosive leader who undermined Unit discipline, created a toxic work environment, and reduced Unit cohesion and effectiveness

o took advantage of his position as NCOIC to consistently be late for duty

o delegated responsibility for operations to a dishonest NCO who falsified reports to make the detachment appear to accomplish more than they did

o reported false accomplishments to the commander in order to make the det appear to be better than all other detachments

o alienated Soldiers with integrity who pointed out inaccurate reports and claims; discouraged honesty and jeopardized the mission

o forbade communication by subordinates with outside agencies by phone or e-mail

o encouraged Soldiers to take advantage of the government disability program by documenting false or borderline physical ailments

o as Det Chief, forced his captive audience to listen to his personal political views on a daily basis; wasted time and resources and lowered morale and productivity

o set poor example by sexually harrassing visiting female reps from outside agencies

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