Leads NCOER Bullets

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence, Leads by example, Communication

o chosen over Senior NCOs to be the convoy NCOIC for annual training, completing more than 150 miles with no accidents

o completed first eFLIPL processed investigation in the BDE; mentored the entire BDE in eFLIPL processing

o communicated all issues and concerns of Soldiers in the section to higher; prevented work center confusion and ensured harmonious productivity

o successfully conducted counselings, inspections, physical training, and schedule rotations for 12 soldiers and 3 team leaders, granting 15 AAMs

o built trust by showing genuine care for Soldiers and their families; increased interaction as Soldiers approached him more often with issues

o performed like a number one ranked team; disciplined, motivated, and driven

o voiced genuine concerns for soldier's training and readiness; identified problems and coordinated work arounds

o demonstrated a consistently calm and patient demeanor when coaching Soldiers that needed improvement; an effective mentor and teacher

o influenced future NCOs by demonstrating what it takes to be an effective leader

o demonstrated leadership by volunteering for multiple tasks to maintain readiness, focusing on the welfare of fellow soldiers and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism

o challenged subordinates with tasks of increasing difficulty; built a competent work force with soaring morale

o took responsibility for slower turn-around time; researched causes, addressed shortfalls, restored operations to predeployment level

o developed Soldiers to achieve their potential, resulting in one Soldier being selected for OCS, as well as promotion to Sergeant

o volunteered to instruct the AMD Team during section time; her ADA knowledge is of a Warrant Officer level; leads best trained Team in the 209TH

o displayed understanding of the importance of building alliances; she showed confidence and commitment when leading others in all assigned tasks

o reviewed progress quarterly; replaced two derelict Sergeants and increased maintenance efficiency by 50 percent

o assumed role as SPO NCOIC in his absence; achieved excellent results while ensuring no mission was failed

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o mission success was the only outcome NCO ever entertained or accepted

o conducted remedial training for all PT failures

o provided exceptional leadership in combat by taking charge and always being on top of mission situations and requirements

o inspired espirit de corps and the desire to succeed

o maintained mission-focus in a joint-service environment, while setting an impeccable example for military and civilian peers

o influential leader whose mental agility boosted morale and continuously accomplished the mission

o leads from the front; provided a great example of leadership to the junior Soldiers and NCOs in the company

o researched, developed and implemented various training exercises to improve overall training effectiveness

o instilled discipline in his unit; led the battalion with the least amount of disciplinary incidents during rating period

o took over detachment and immediately identified and corrected discipline problems; discharged one Soldier, restored team morale

o motivated Soldiers to excel during company APFT with an average score over 290; fostered teamwork and esprit de corp within his team

o turned the EOD school around by greatly increasing quota utilization and reducing attrition by 25%

o maintained the late NCO-ER rate at zero percent for 12 consecutive months

o reduced instrument calibration turn around time from 6 day average to 1.5 days

o led retention NCOs to reduce SIDPERS processing time from 14 to 5 days

o guided new 2LTs through complex information project, received commander's approval for efforts

o motivated his entire section to qualify expert with the 60mm mortar

o commendable performance as acting commander for three months during Commander's absense

o mentorship produced two consecutive MACOM Soldier of the Year winners

o instilled a climate of professional and personal growth for his team; resulted in 3 Soldiers trained and prepared for Soldier of the Month boards

o lauded by both AT Project OIC and NCOIC as a dedicated leader who always found additional value-adding projects for soldiers

o fostered an environment of fair treatment, awareness and resiliency in the unit by fully supporting and participating in the Army SHARP, EO and MRT programs

o led from the front; scored a 272 on lastest APFT; exceeded battalion standard of 270

o commended by the Battalion CSM for the development of the housing plan for Camp America resulting in the increase of Soldier morale and welfare

o flawlessly took over the platoon sergeants position in her absence, providing sound advice and maintaining training duties

o accepted position as Vehicle Control NCO in the absence of a OIC; excelled in maintenance issues and accountability of vehicle usage during deployment to GTMO

o remained proactive and versatile; constantly guided her subordinates towards battalion mission accomplishment on time and with great accuracy

Leadership Course

o enrolled every soldier in his platoon in the CLEP Program to earn college credit

o implemented maintenance program that increased the ICP Brigade's overall operational readiness rate from 20% to over 80% in 8 months

o united a team of active duty, reserve and National Guard soldiers into one cohesive organization

o performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results

o coached soldiers to win both Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter Boards

o performed exceptionally well while leading soldiers in difficult, constantly changing combat operations

o actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains to excel in common Task Skills

o demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted nothing less than quality results

o led his section to repel two RPG and machine gun attacks against Iraqi Security Forces during the Ghadir holiday

o led PT failures to 90 percent first time go on APFT

o trained Brigade Maintenance Officer on maintenance reporting and supervised him while he trained his maintenance staff

o committed to providing the best quality of life and training for soldiers

o set the example by winning the hearts and minds of the local nationals and treating detainees with dignity and respect

o consistently leads from the front in training

o led platoon to highest APFT average in Battalion

o leads by example; doesn't misuse authority

o selected by commander to perform high profile and difficult missions

o distinguished himself above his peers with his initiative and unmatched technical expertise while continuing to learn from others

o selected for 1SG position over other SFC(P)

o outstanding motivator of soldiers; gets superior results

o led by example while executing over 22 challenging combat missions; conducted thorough PCIs to ensure his Soldiers were always ready

o consistently developed new ways to improve logistic training and SOP development; ensured the Iraqi Security Forces had a foundation to build upon

o displays a genuine concern for soldiers

Needs Improvement

o Soldier was AWOL during rating period and missed the opportunity to lead other soldiers, limited soldier's skill progression and unit's operational capabilities

o pointed out leadership faults in front of peers and subordinates resulting in a continued, already toxic work environment

o led only when directed to; needs to take initiative for leading Soldiers he is responsible for

o failed to seek clarifying guidance when faced with a difficult task; unable to communicate his need for assistance during adversity

o pointed out subordinate faults continually resulting in a toxic work environment

o led only when directed to; needed to take initiative for leading Soldiers he is responsible for

o adversely affected the state of readiness by not having personnel and vehicle information ready prior to SP

o incapable of conducting recruiting duties during the majority of the rated period; removed from a position of special trust

o Soldier did not advocate for nor take advantage of any leadership opportunities; actively avoided such challenges

o set one of the worst examples of leadership in the Unit and was generally distrusted by seniors, peers, and subordinates

o negatively affected Unit retention numbers; Soldiers that worked with him often went AWOL or would not reenlist because of his conduct

o NCO was a corrosive leader who undermined Unit discipline, created a toxic work environment, and reduced Unit cohesion and effectiveness

o took advantage of his position as NCOIC to consistently be late for duty

o delegated responsibility for operations to a dishonest NCO who falsified reports to make the detachment appear to accomplish more than they did

o reported false accomplishments to the commander in order to make the det appear to be better than all other detachments

o alienated Soldiers with integrity who pointed out inaccurate reports and claims; discouraged honesty and jeopardized the mission

o forbade communication by subordinates with outside agencies by phone or e-mail

o encouraged Soldiers to take advantage of the government disability program by documenting false or borderline physical ailments

o as Det Chief, forced his captive audience to listen to his personal political views on a daily basis; wasted time and resources and lowered morale and productivity

o set poor example by sexually harrassing visiting female reps from outside agencies

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