Forward Observer Duty Descriptions

13F20 Forward Observer
Performs reconnaissance, both map and physical; selects observation posts, develops visibility and capability diagrams, orients maps using optical devices and compass; establishes communications to supported units; identifies, locates, computes data, and initiates fire on targets; adjusts artillery, mortar, naval, or aerial fire on targets; prepares fire support plan for offensive and defensive operations; capable of conducting night operations through use of night observations devices or by coordinated illumination techniques.

13F20 (Forward Observer) Light Infantry Platoon
Serves as a Forward Observer for a light infantry platoon capable of deployment in support of full spectrum combat operations; assists in the planning, synchronization, and execution of lethal and non-lethal fires into company operations to include indirect fires, attack aviation assets, close air support, civil affairs, information operations, psychological operations, and electronic warfare; ensures effects training is integrated and synchronized; responsible for one Soldier and MTOE equipment worth over $75,000.

Forward Observer 13F2-
Forward Observer in a Infantry Rifle Battalion of a Stryker Brigade Combat Team; capable of deploying worldwide within 96 hours of notification in support of U.S. Policies and Objectives; responsible for plotting, target direction, calling for, and adjusting indirect fires, close combat attack, and close air support; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of all assigned equipment in excess of $200,000.

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