FUOPS Duty Descriptions

FUOPs Chief
Serves as FUOPs Branch Chief; oversees a 9-man cell responsible for the planning and analysis of future operations; conducts long range planning and establishes objectives, policies, and priorities; tracks and documents organic unit capabilities, resources, and personnel; leads mission analysis and develops courses of action; develops concepts into actionable operations for Army and Joint missions; integrates and reconciles unit efforts through operational groups and boards; utilizes mission command, command relationships, and the commander's authority to meet objectives; serves as a member of the FUOPs crisis action team during periods of crisis response.

FUOPS Planner
Serves as strategic planner and Future Operations SME; analyzes requirements and plans future deployments and emergency support operations; coordinates with staff at senior level commands; interacts with other service elements, installations, and civil and federal agencies; schedules Secure VTCs in support of missions and exercise planning; anticipates issues, conducts research, and recommends strategic responses for emerging and future issues; analyzes Operations Orders and taskings; prepares briefings for senior staff; assesses the implementation of courses of action; develops plans, timelines, and After Action Reports to ensure goals and objectives are met.

Plans Project Officer
Serves as Plans Project Officer; advises the FUOPS Chief on all matters affecting future operations; develops, coordinates, and implements actions, polices, and plans; develops briefings and Course of Action (COA) analysis; briefs senior staff and internal and external customers; conducts research and coordinates and develops contingency plans, operational plans (OPLAN), and organizational plans; leads workgroups, Integrated Concept Teams (ICT), and Integrated Process Teams (IPT) to facilitate decision-making; resolves obstacles to program plans and operational success; prepares AARs, SIRs, Mission Messages, Warning Orders, FRAGOs, and Operations Orders.

FUOPS Operations Officer
Serves as the installation Operations Officer for the Continuity of Operations (COOP) program, Information Technology Contingency Plan (ITCP), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Emergency Preparedness (EP) programs; executes missions, contingencies; and operational plans; supports all COOP, EP, and ITCP program functions; arranges training to ensure COOP program success; advises customers on secure communications requirements; manages the internal emergency preparedness plan; develops, conducts, and evaluates emergency preparedness exercises; assesses hazards and challenges related to COOP, EP, and ITCP operations and develops mitigation strategies.

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