Honor Guard Duty Descriptions

Division Honor Guard Platoon Sergeant
Platoon Sergeant for the Division Honor Guard; conducts various division ceremonial tasks on and off post; coordinates all Division Honor Guard Special events and Welcome Home Ceremonies; responsible for planning, coordinating and supervising the employment of the sections; issues Honor Guard equipment to units and members; supervises training for the Honor Guard Platoon in Drill and Ceremonies.

Honor Guard Sergeant
Coordinates and participates in services for funerals, retirement ceremomies, and military functions throughout the Southeast region; conducts rehearsals to maintain the highest state of proficiency and deliver the most solemn and professional service; maintains drill capability of the command; files After Action Reports; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of all assigned equipment valued in excess of $500,000.

Honor Guard NCOIC
Represents the Army at various events including professional sporting events, retirements and funerals; supervises Honor Guard team members; interviews prospective Honor Guard members; facilitates training in ceremonial guard procedures to include military funerals, parading of colors, and passing of the flag; supports the Joint Casket Team for Andrews AFB; responsible for the discipline, morale, health, and welfare for the Honor Guard Platoon.

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