Jumpmaster Duty Descriptions

Serves as Jumpmaster and Safety during day and night combat jumps; translates mission into actionable operations; provides chalk organization and pre-jump training; trains personnel in the attachment and release of equipment; responsible for aircraft safety; checks rigging of individual equipment containers and door bundles; conducts Jumpmaster personnel inspections (JMPI); provides sustained airborne training (SAT) and briefs paratroopers on emergency procedures, jump commands and aircraft procedures.

MFF Jumpmaster
Performs duties as a Military Free-Fall (MFF) Jumpmaster; inspects aircraft interior and exit; trains Soldiers on spotting, high altitude high opening (HAHO) techniques, parachute system packing, and rigging; serves as liaison to aircrew; directs aircraft over the drop zone; inspects and assists jumpers as they exit aircraft; coordinates with Drop Zone Safety Officer; serves as SME on Emergency Automatic Activation Device (EAAD) operation, oxygen equipment, wind drift, and altimeter calculations.

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