Casualty Affairs Office (CAO) NCOER Bullets

o commended by Casualty Affairs Office and the families while serving as the CAO to three cases; successfully closed all three cases and represented the U.S. Army with pride

o developed and implemented a medical support plan for an outlying FOB, including combined ISAF and ANA mass casualty plan and casualty collection points

o served as the Casualty Operations Clerk during Operation Enduring Freedom

o submitted casualty reports for all injured personnel to CJ1 ; all were timely, accurate and first time go

o handled each situation during the most stressful and trying of times with great care and respect for the wounded warriors

o earned laudatory comments from every Battalion he assisted in reporting efforts

o trained Soldiers on casualty operations during NTC, completing over 200 Casualty Packets without error; instilled confidence in them before deployment

o performed outside of his MOS to support the S-1 section; exceeded requirements without any substantial training

o created a database and maintained all casualty feeder cards in the S-1 database; increased accuracy and efficiency


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