Casualty Affairs Office Duty Descriptions

Casualty Affairs NCOIC
Serves as the Casualty Affairs NCOIC for the Regimental Casualty Affairs Cell (RCAC); receives, tracks, and coordinates DA directed notifications for all killed in action, wounded in action, and non-battle injuries from the forward deployed Regiment; trains and guides the Regimental command group in proper handling of DA notifications; coordinates and arranges funeral arrangements with the utmost dignity and respect for the Regiment's killed in action; responsible for the health, welfare and discipline of three NCOs.

42A4O Casualty Operations NCO
Monitors and manages the Army Casualty Program, one of the Army's most sensitive programs; provides guidance and assistance to 34 Casualty Assistance Centers (CAC); coordinates, synthesizes, and confirms facts surrounding the death, injury or serious illness of Soldiers, Family members and civilians worldwide; makes quick decisions that have lasting effects on Family members; provides Soldier's medical status and updates to distraught Family members, and communicates with senior military officials in the event of an Army casualty.

Casualty Liaison
Served as a Division Casualty Liaison at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center (CRDAMC) for the 1st Calvary Division; responsible for non-clinical support to the injured and their families including augmenting service support programs to ensure seamless care during the Wounded Warrior's recovery; provides data analysis and reports to chain of commands both deployed and rear detachment leaderships on all patient care and Family support issues at CRDAMC; oversees Wounded Warriors' transition to secondary military and Veterans Administration Medical Treatment Facilities.

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