Fire Team Leader (FTL) NCOER Bullet Examples

o led his squad through the IPBC live fire course which was conducted under simulated battle conditions and incorporated a full spectrum warfare approach

o maintained 100 percent accountability of all his squad's sensitive items during night live fire operations

o executed, without supervision, effective combat support; obtained critical information that led to the capture of numerous insurgents

o demonstrated an ability to train Soldiers to Standard and ensured they can excel at the practical application of their Warrior Skills

o performed above and beyond expectations in every assignment he's been given, following in the finest Bushmaster tradition

o directed a fireteam during the first one-life phase of the operation; ambushed an entire Blu-for squad and survived

o led a fireteam during the second phase of operation; destroyed an enemy Abrams tank and engaged enemy infantry squads in fierce defensive combat

o adjusted fire and tactics and successfully held back the front of enemy attack; delayed enemy operation for an hour and coordinated counterattack

o demonstrated ability to adapt to diverse situations by completing lanes with the Columbian contingent during team level movement training

o trained an entire platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines

o demonstrated leadership ability by taking charge of the Charlie Team Leader position during the Brigade's rotation to the JRTC

o taught and demonstrated room clearing techniques to his soldiers and the Malaysian Army's 5th Royal Ranger Regiment during Keris Strike

o engaged targets while maintaining communications with peers and unit, maintained situational awareness and team efficiency

o demonstrated situational awareness and instincts; ensured his sectors of fire were covered and proper techniques were implemented

o maintained the Squadron Commander's situational awareness for future and past missions, combat vehicle, power and Personnel status

o relayed time-sensitive information between higher headquarters and the patrols in sector

o maintained current and complete situational awareness of the battery's Area of Operation during more than 100 Advise and Assist missions

o served as part of the convoy live fire team, completing two day and two night missions

o marshalled defense when convoy came under fire during escort mission, terminated threat, saved lives and allowed mission to continue

o served as a Fire Team Leader at JRTC; commanded and controlled his team, led the platoon through difficult terrain, and made it to the objective

o his actions contributed significantly to the success of the missions of Second Platoon and Gator Company

o his actions during Bulldog Focus and the subsequent removal from the field greatly enhanced operational effectiveness and ensured a smooth and quick transition from the field

o commitment to mission accomplishment and positive attitude contributed directly to the successful completion of all objectives and served to motivate and inspire those around him

o evacuated his crew after hummvee was struck by an RPG, despite own injuries, addressed their injuries before his own

o learned the latest Command and Control (C2) tools during assignment to the TOC and shared knowledge with team to enhance capabilities

o assembled and trained an RSOP team; his expertise enabled rapid deployment to site and ensured Table VIII Gunnery success

o handled all radio communications during QRF operations outside the wire to ensure that all the trucks and B Troops staff had situational awareness

o called up SITREP during the joint mission with ANA when the Pl radio failed; prevented impending ambush

o his fireteam was selected to train a platoon on basic MOUT and CQB operations due to their top performance in CQB

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