CMF 11 Infantry NCOER Examples

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o excelled as driver during Mounted Vehicular Live Fire (MVLF); helped his crew achieve the highest score through his proficiency operating the M1167 Gun Truck

o served as primary driver; mitigated risk and enabled his team to deliver extreme lethality on all targets

o aided the recovery team; set the conditions and standards for mission success during Echo Company's culminating LOGPAC scenario

o dedicated to self-improvement; attended Combat Life Saver training, completed over 70 hours of distance learning, and became proficient on the CREW Duke system

o demonstrated complete control of his team and advanced knowledge of his role as a fire team leader at Eagle Flight I (squad live fire) and Platoon STXs; optimized resources under fire

o maintained his team with lethal fires on the objective; facilitated freedom of maneuver for the assaulting element; major factor in the squad's overall success

o his commitment to mission, as well as his own self-improvement, set the example for others to emulate

o served as a section leader during AT 2014 with Bravo company

o qualified expert on M4 and M240B; qualified sharpshooter on M249 SAW and M-2 .50 Cal

o acted quickly in attack respone; ensured the security of the squad and ultimately the platoon

o took the lead during a demanding 30K cross country march while ensuring the welfare of his soldiers

o conducted a variety of dismounted patrols in support of HHT 1/3 ACR to counter IDF attacks

o ensured convoy security and support of remote posts during 33 combat logistical convoys as a gunner on rear security vehicle

o demonstrated technical and tactical expertise far beyond his level of experience during continuous field operations

o completed over 40 Exterior Perimeter patrols in support of the QRF Mission

o provided personnel safety and secure operations environment for Bravo Troop and Victory Base Complex as a QRF member

o coordinated all logistics in OE Panther during the 2010 elections and arranged renewal of COS Scania Security Contract

o proved herself as a relentless and unfailing specialist that exceeded all standards in the three years assigned to the unit

Picture of Soldiers Loading Mortar

o assisted the entire Squadron's FIST with the set up, calibration, and use of the Fire Support Sensor System during Mortep

o reconfigured the communication system inside the Bradley during DEFENDER 20+; enabled positive communications for his FIST team for the duration of the mission

o assisted in PZ set up, marshalling of personnel, and hook-ups on 10 loads with no deficiencies; key to the success of the PZ operations during Top Guns Table XII qualifications

o oversaw loading up equipment and Customs inspection for the Deployment De-Mob process; removed 13 Bradley Engines, preserved government assets

o acted as Dismounted Scout during the Apache Troop Team Live Fire Exercise (TLFX); reconnoitered the objective and used all assets to destroy the enemy in an effective way

o maintained platoon communications throughout our entire deployment in Iraq; zero missed calls

o served as a Team Leader, Squad Leader and Operations Sergeant for the BN on multiple combat deployments

o displayed exemplary skills as a 240B MG Gunner at Camp Morehead shooting range

o practices COIN on a daily basis; overall readiness for the mission is above reproach

o served as a Guard Force NCOIC for USD-C Main while deployed in support of Operation New Dawn

o led seven of his section members through fifteen days of physically mentally demanding training

o learned phrases and words in DARI; increased effectiveness in the field

o his knowledge of mounted ops made him trainer for the platoon and ensured a successful 2010 AT

o achieved Exceeds Standards on last command inspection as Unit Equal Opportunity Representative

o he is an irreplaceable member of the team and his contributions were critical to the success of the unit

o served as the HQ Platoon Sergeant while the actual was on mid-tour leave

o assisted Soldiers in the completion of ISOPREP training and documentation

o maintained and manned the machine gun during PSD operations in support of the Paktya Provincial Govenor

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