Hazardous Declaration NCO

o served as the Hazardous Declaration NCO for the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center fly-away mission

o developed and coordinated inspections for eight vehicles and two trailors for loading on C-17

o prepared vehicles with over 60 line item hazardous declarations for transport; passed inspection with zero frustrated cargo


o trained four CE members on processes, navigation, and familiarity of EESOH-MIS AND HAZMART; multiplied unit capability by 400%

o packed and certified over 50 hazardous shipments for ground transportation; skillful preparation resulted in zero leakage or safety mishaps

o responded to chemical spill in warehouse and isolated contamination, prevented seepage into ground water

o volunteered for Hazardous Cargo Inspector course, became first certified inspector, increased capability to store and move hazardous cargo to the AOR

o cited for best and only complete MSDS file in the battalion

o coordinated with the base environmental office to develop and implement a waste disposal program; reduced stored waste by 90%

o certified all hazardous materials and directed the loading and staging of equipment airlifted from two trans-Pacific airfields, provided vital support to isolated camp

o recycled over 1,000 pounds of equipment and materials and over 100 hazardous items, saving the Army over $10,000.00

o taught all Soldiers the proper method of disposing of hazardous medical waste, ensured strict compliance, resulting in zero mishaps, injuries, or other discrepanices

o inventoried HAZMAT locker and compared existing products to required and reduced required inventory by 50%

o ensured the proper handling, storage, and disposition of all hazardous material within the warehouse HAZMAT storage area

o reorganized HAZMAT program, making the program compliant with all USCENTCOM directives

o reinforced the safe storage of hazardous material and the safe usage of 34 different petroleum products which are required for 10 Little Birds and over 200 preventive maintainance checks

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