Maintenance Support Team (MST) NCOER Bullets

o filled the MST NCOIC position as an E-6; met supported unit responsibilities despite a historically low manning

o helped the MST complete 13 work orders on a variety of rolling stock; reduced red-lined vehicles by 50 percent

o completed seven annual services on LMTVs and HMMWVs; foresight and adherence to standards sustained operations

o restored 7 of 8 launchers to fully mission capable; able to support live fire training, increased readiness

o unloaded 211th Engineer Company bridges with 60-ton M88; indispensable element for engineer deployment

o assisted 740th Transportation Company with loading launcher with M88; secured asset valued at over $2,000,000

o supervised and followed up on multiple recovery missions, tracked and wheeled; recovered over $1M in warfighting material

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