Maintenance Support Team (MST)

Maintenance Support Team (MST) Member

(RANK) (FIRST NAME) (LAST NAME) supported the 541st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion by serving on a maintenance support team from 1st Support Maintenance Company in support of 172nd Chemical Company from 31 January 2015 to 1 February 2015. (RANK) (LAST NAME) performed technical inspections with the (Name of section: GSE, Maintenance, C/E, Armament, etc -make sure to spell out). (RANK) (LAST NAME)'s contributions assisted the 172nd Chemical Company in preparing for an upcoming deployment by raising their operational rating for 385 pieces of equipment from 17% to 94% in less than 48 hours. (RANK) (LAST NAME)'s actions define what it means to be a Bulldog and Pacesetter Soldier.

Maintenance Support Team (MST) Section Chief

SSG XXX, attached to Assassin Battery since June 2021, serves as Alpha Maintenance Support Team (MST) Chief. In the past three months, SSG XXX has overhauled all maintenance readiness efforts for Assassin Battery and reduced the Battery's Equipment Service Report (ESR) of Non-Mission Capable (NMC) vehicles by 62%. His ability to maintain a balance of both scheduled and unscheduled services has improved the Battery's overall maintenance readiness. He is an asset to Assassin Battery and the Deep Steel Battalion.

Maintenance Support Team (MST) NCO

SGT XXX was instrumental to the redeployment of both Assassin Battery and the Battalion as wrecker recovery support Tank Commander (TC). SGT XXX successfully assisted in transporting and recovering three deadlined vehicles from YTC to JBLM. Over the course of three days, SGT XXX and SPC XXX drove over 500 miles to accomplish the Battalion's endstate of recovering all vehicles prior to completion of OPN XXX. His leadership as a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and technical skills as a 91B20 increased productivity by 18% and improved the combat effectiveness of Assassin MST by 20%.

Wrecker Recovery

SPC XXX has maintained 100% accountability of over $500,000.00 worth of equipment with zero loss or damage. His tenacity to ensure all accompanying equipment was mission capable contributed greatly to the overall success of 12 missions and fostered an environment of accountability. A true technical expert and professional, SPC XXX leads by example and expects the same level of work ethic from his peers. SPC XXX is one of the most reliable and skilled maintenance professionals.

SPC XXX takes great pride in the mission readiness of his M984A4 Wrecker, FSC824. SPC XXX is resourceful and coordinated and sought out additional resources from external agencies in order to complete repairs and operate within commander's intent. SPC XXX's efforts are incredibly rare for someone not just as an E-4 but as a junior leader. For the past six months, SPC XXX has spearheaded all recovery assets due to confidence in his abilities and judgment.

Senior Sergeant

SFC David was vital to the success of HHB 1-119 COMET inspection, achieving 96% PWE and a 99% material general, with an overall average of 99% for all reportable equipment in AMSS. He devoted over 200 hours of personal time to prepare HHB for inspection and convoy to Camp Grayling. He worked with and developed two MST team chiefs to make them proficient in field operations enhancing the overall readiness of two firing Batteries without allowing his own Battery to fall behind in readiness. The NCO with the most experience, he has succesfully performed and supervised the most recovery missions within the Battalion incurring zero injuries. He has also performed several recovery missions for units outside the Battalion demonstrating his dedication to the Army's mission.

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