Ammo Handler NCOER Bullets

o took initiative and set up the Ammunition Transfer and Holding Point (ATHP) in under 30 minutes by himself; reduced delays by 50%

o established an effective SOP in order to inventory, manage and distribute ammunition to the 2-108th Cavalry Squadron; improved operational efficiency across all shifts

o performed flawlessly during the 1-52 Aviation door gunnery; exceeded all operational requirements

o ensured ammo was accurately accounted for, delivered to supported units, broken down as needed, and sorted and turned in upon completion; force multiplier

o supported 25 separate ranges, including ammo delivery, pick-up, and distribution of ammo during the range without fault over the last 8 months

o improved the ammunition distribution system; delivered 37,268 rounds of small arms and 618 rockets during NTC 20-10

o assisted with planning the attack guidance in support of Division fires during NTC 20-10; destroyed 42 pieces of enemy air defense

o projected and requested Ammo for 7 companies in the Battalion, including enablers; generated fire power and supported all offensive and defensive operations

o demonstrated skill and knowledge well beyond that of his peers in handling ammo procurement and disposition

o transported 168,445 rounds of standard ammo and 540 rounds of pyrotechnics in support of CREW ground mount qualifications

o prepared forms DA 5515 and DA 581 for issue and turn-in of more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition

o ensured 100% accountability of ammo from pickup at the ASP until final delivery and download at Range

o assisted ground guides and safeties during rail and ship loading and supported daily TOC operations

o ensured the staging of ammunition, distribution, and HAZMAT compliance and awareness

o planning and foresight contributed to the success of all ammunition deliveries during Annual Training

o supported the safe firing of over 400 rounds during a two week Live Fire Exercise

o ensured the 1897 French 75mm Cannon was prepared for inspection before formal ceremonies

o assisted the Supply Sergeant with the organization of storage

Ammunition Sergeant

o cross-trained as a Gunner in Launcher 42; successfully fired three ATACM rockets in three missions

o cross-trained as a Gunner; kept the POC fully updated on laucher databases and safely performed a full reload

o maintained 100% security of rocket pods and reload points during field operations; ensured safety of personnel and equipment

o set up five different reload points in five different operational areas; facilitated uninterrupted operations

o supplied 23 M39A1s in a safe a proficient manner to Launcher 42; facilitated uninterrupted operations

Ammunition Driver

o acted as vehicle commander; maintained full accountability of sensitive items

o led a convoy during one reload mission; kept a professional and positive attitude throughout Operation Breakthrough

o assisted with After-PCMS on all three platoon HEMTTs; ensured proper recovery and annotation of vehicles for future use

o coordinated pickup of equipment from the SSA

o maintained battery equipment worth over $75,000

o monitored and tracked 20 containers containing 800 lbs of ammunation

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