Ammo Handler DA 638 Inputs

SGT XXXX served the critical role of Ammunition Handler during three Battalion small arms ranges. She secured, transported, and distributed more than 14,000 rounds of ammunition while maintaining 100% accountability. Her tireless efforts contributed to more than 200 Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapons system, enhancing the Battalions operational readiness. SGT XXXXX's innate leadership and passion for her Soldiers' well being made her a great asset to the Savage Platoon and the 9999 Ammo Company.

SSG Ajax was the primary instructor for the SAAS-MOD system and trained 19 personnel from the 664th OD Co and 3/1 CAV units. SSG Ajax developed and established a tracking system to maintain accountability and distribution of 3/1 CAV ammunition. His efforts resulted in the flawless completion of multiple complex training events.

SSG Ajax's acute management and accountability skills aided in the smooth change of responsibility of the Ammunition Supply Point with an inventory of over $1 million in Class V items. He personally supervised over 1,100 Class V receipts, issues and turn-ins with zero incidents during his tenure as Section Chief.

He helped account for the handling, distribution, and consolidation of seven types of ammunition and pyrotechnics which included 10,500 rounds of 5.56mm blank SAW link, 7,200 rounds of 5.56mm M4 blanks, 11,000 rounds of 5.56mm ball sim rounds, 15,500 rounds of 5.56mm SAW link sim rounds, 47 signal smoke hand grenades, and 170 sim hand grenades, without loss or damage.

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