Arms Room NCOER Bullets

o served as unit armorer for B Co. 2nd Bn. 6th Inf. Berlin Brigade; received highest possible score on the annual Inspector General's inspection

o kept accountability of sensitive items resulting in zero losses or discrepancies; successfully passed all physical security inspections

o packed SI container for Task Force Carentan in Ukraine which resulted in two Army Achievement Medals for arms room accountability

o reorganized the arms rooms and office, enabling the unit to reduce time devoted to admin tasks

o kept Arms Room mission-ready at all times during redeployment and company refit operations

o performed 20 level maintenance on TPE and organizational equipment

o stood up the Arms Room with no organizational support and maintained security at all times

o his Arms Room was selected to represent the Brigade during 8th Army AAME inspection

o selected over peers to be the Bravo Company armorer due to his work ethic, responsibility, and accountability

o his diligence and commitment to the unit earned the unit a superior grade and zero deficiencies during the Readiness Assistance visit

o set the standard for the battalion by receiving 100% on his armament & weapon systems and on physical security inspections

o deployed arms room and all support material to Afghanistan

o coordinated/scheduled augmentee participation; maintained 100% coverage on all Force Protection shifts

o her proactive approach to problem solving eliminated significant issues that typically occur in Physical Security

o his foresight and preparation ensured the mission continued smoothly, aiding and meeting each battalion's requirements

o worked in the Arms Room as the acting platoon armorer without formal training yet exceeded all standards

o reorganized the Arms Room to facilitate freedom of movement and improve operations as Soldiers drew and returned equipment

o identified and documented all deficiencies with equipment and sensitive items, reducing maintenance turn-around and improving readiness

o sandbagged entance to Arms Room as hurricane approached; only dry room in building, mission-readiness preserved

o orchestrated the installation of six bunkers, six mass casualty kits and an emergency broadcast system resulting in a flawless security inspection

o conducted scheduled and unscheduled 20-level maintenance on TPE and organizational equipment; all assets issue-ready

o taught fellow Soldiers how to identify and correct crucial deficiencies that make the M7 Weapon System non-mission capable

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